The 10 Most Stylish Rappers Ever

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The Most Fashionable Hip-Hop Artists

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When it comes to hip-hop fashion, these artists lead the way. From crisp suits to hard bottoms, these hip-hop artists stay flyer than a parakeet. Here are the 10 hip-hop fashion icons to inspire your style.

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Mos Def/Yasiin Bey

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Dante Smith started his hip-hop career as Mos Def and now goes by Yasiin Bey. Whatever you call him, he's one of the best-dressed men to step in front of a mic. Bey's live shows are fashion events. You can find him in tailored suits, clean ties, and hard bottoms. Mos raises expectations and brings a level of sophistication to hip-hop fashion. Even his mic is stylish.

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From the moment he stepped onto the scene clad in all black, Nas was ready to hit the fashion playground. In the 90s, Nasty Nas rocked camo fatigues, puffer jackets, wheat Timbs, gold rope chains and his beloved QB fitted. In the 2000s, he transitioned to a more grown and sexy look: crisp button downs, fly suits and classic hard-bottom kicks. He even rocked a shawl cardigan for his "Daughters" video.

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T.I.'s style is an extension of his split personality. The Kang can flip from a classic cocktail suit to socks and flip flops and still look like he could tae bo kick you in a fight. The father of six isn't shy to rock bold colors, either. He's worn just about everything on the chart, from burgundy to turquoise.

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LL Cool J

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LL Cool J changed the game in the 80s with his signature bucket hats and gold chains. These days, LL can roll up to a swank shindig in a bespoke suit or get his Shemar Moore on in a muscle-busting wife beater. For 20 years straight, Cool J has endured an image as the man ladies want and some fellas want to look like.

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Big Daddy Kane

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From his signature high top fades to his velour suits and dookie chains, Big Daddy Kane was one of the most influential hip-hop style icons of the 80s. Kane helped inspire the hip-hop fashion of his era and continues to outdress his younger peers today.

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Jay Z

Jay Z and Beyonce
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Jay Z is cool as the summer breeze. When he ditched throwbacks for button ups, the rest of hip-hop followed suit. Jay won't jump out of the window to wow you with risky pieces. Hov is more of a Darth Vader/Storm Trooper guy who keeps things eloquent in all-black or all-white pieces. You want pastel colors? Go visit Kanye West.

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Sean Combs is a hip-hop style icon. With his Sean John collection, Diddy helped transform hip-hop fashion. The Diddy Style is all about the smart and sophisticated look. His spectrum is vast, from drug-dealer fresh to downtown chic.

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Kanye West

No matter what you think of his music, Kanye West is a hip-hop fashion leader for his generation. West has always considered himself a designer first, an artist second. His style constanty turns heads -- eccentric pop pastiche, classic kicks, left-field accessories (ski masks, hello), dazzling frames, with a relentless desire to make his silhouettes seem boundaryless instead of irreverent.

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Andre 3000

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Tweed suits, wool cardigans, razor-sharp pants. Andre "3000" Benjamin is a distinguished fashion plate with a style that embraces vintage Brit chic. Dre straddles the line between serious and sardonic. Except for that one time he wore a Roddy Piper kilt in a UGK video.

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Pharrell is not even a real person. He's an ageless fashion god. A master of the simple-sophisticated look. Most of us would look like clowns in half the stuff P wears. He could rock a terry cloth and somehow make it look like the hottest thing on all planets.

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