Golfers With the Most Wins in One PGA Tour Season

PGA Tour Records: Biggest Single-Season Win Totals

Byron Nelson tees off in the 1945 Chicago Victory Open
Byron Nelson in 1945, the year he won 18 PGA Tour titles. Bettmann/Getty Images

OK, everyone knows that Byron Nelson holds the record for most wins in one season on the PGA Tour. We'll start with that year, then go over the other double-digit win seasons (there have been only three, aside from Nelson's record), and, finally, we'll conclude with 8- and 9-win PGA Tour seasons.

18 Wins: The PGA Tour Single-Season Record

The record for most victories in a single PGA Tour season is 18, set by Byron Nelson in 1945.

It's one of the most-famous years in PGA Tour history, and not just for that ridiculous number of wins:

  • Nelson's 18 victories included a winning streak of 11 consecutive;
  • Nelson won the only major championship played that year, the PGA Championship;
  • In one tournament, Nelson set the 72-hole tour scoring record of 259 - a score that wasn't bettered for another 10 years, and was bettered only once until 1989;
  • Nelson finished in the Top 10 in every tournament he played in 1945, including seven runner-up finishes.

Yes, Nelson's amazing year happened during the World War II years, which means that tournament fields were weaker and thinner. That has to be taken into account. Still ... 18 wins! For more, see "Byron Nelson's Astounding 1945 PGA Tour Season" for the complete record.

The Other Double-Digit, Single-Season Win Totals

How many times has a golfer won 10 or more tournament in a single PGA Tour season?

Including Nelson's 18 in 1945, it's happened only four times. The three others are:

  • 13 wins: Ben Hogan, 1946 (including the PGA Championship)
  • 11 wins: Sam Snead, 1950
  • 10: Ben Hogan, 1948 (including the PGA Championship and U.S. Open)

Note that Hogan's 13-win season came the year after Nelson's 18 victories.

Also, Hogan's second double-digit win total in 1948 was his final full year of competition prior to the automobile accident that nearly ended his life.

Snead's 11-win year in 1950 did not include any majors.

And the 8- and 9-Win PGA Tour Seasons

We include these, as well, because there have been relatively few of them: Only three 9-win years and only nine 8-win years (and only three of those 12 have happened in the 21st century). Plus, only nine golfers account for the 12 years.

9 Wins in a PGA Tour Season

8 Wins in a PGA Tour Season

Woods is the only golfer to win eight or more times in one year in three different seasons. And if you're wondering where Jack Nicklaus is, the Golden Bear's highest single-season win total was 7. (There have been 13 7-win seasons in Tour history, most recently by Woods in 2007.)