Mothers Day Activities for Students With Disabilities

Mother's Day is one of the times when students, with and without disabilities, are really fired up to create something to thank their mothers. No sense in letting that motivation go to waste!

 We suggest always seeking out art projects and activities that support student success in other ways:   fine motor skills, identifying and using words from a word wall, and using writing, even rudimentary writing, to support communication. We know that in our heart of hearts we prefer to see students using art materials to express themselves and to be truly creative. On the other hand, quite frankly, we need to remember that all students need to create something, a "product," that they can be proud of.

At the same time, every mother cherishes those things her child makes for her on Mothers' day. Okay, okay, it may just be sucking up, but it really helps keep communication open if the parents of your students see you providing your students the same opportunities to respond to the holidays and events in a school year as typical students will experience in general education classrooms. These projects will help you do just that.

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Create a Bouquet of Tie Dye Flowers

The completed water color flowers, in a vase

Your students can create flowers with your support, using coffee papers, pipe cleaners, watercolor markers, a spray bottle and a microwave oven. These tokens of students' love will last for years and create a product that your students will hand to Mom with lots of pride.  Have the students make a vase with a tin can, create a card and "Voila!" a Mother's day gift guaranteed to bring smiles to Moms.

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A Sunflower Portrait Your Students Create

The Finished Sunflower

We love our digital camera, but you could take equally nice pictures of your students with a smartphone. This project uses a small paper plate, handprint cutouts, and sunflower seeds to make a great gift for the moms of your students. It would also be a good partner for a Spring unit in science.​

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A Dogwood Art Project that Could Be the Cover of a Card

The Dog Wood Printable

This Dog Wood project would be an easy and tactile art project your students could create to accompany cards or other items.  In much of the United States, the dogwoods will just be in bloom.  They can also

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A Bouquet of Mothers Day Coupons for Mothers' Day

Rolling the fingers of a paper hand print turn the hand prints into lilies

Free Printables make it possible for your students to make this multi-stepped project for Mothers' Day. It involves coupon stems, a printable vase template, and some student writing. Helping students brainstorm items that would make their mothers happy is a productive way to encourage students to be involved in the product while supporting writing and literacy.  

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A Free Printable Book for Mother's Day

A printable Mothers' Book to support your emerging writers

This lovely little book comes in a free printable format that your students can create. It will push them to learn new words, to write more than you often find they are willing to write. Okay, okay, it's emotional blackmail to say "Won't your Mom be proud to see your book?"  but if it is true (boy, won't Mom be excited to get something her own child wrote, especially a child with disabilities?) and it motivates your students to write, write, write, we say go for it!

Pour It On for Mother's Day!

There is no limit to the number of projects you can find to meet my requirements: they make students follow multiple step directions, they exercise fine motor skills, they involve some writing and they produce a product your students will proudly give their mothers.