Mother's Day Prayer

Share a Mother's Day Prayer With Your Special Mom

Mother's Day Prayer
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As Christians, many of us feel a similar love and thankfulness for our mothers, and on Mother's Day we're looking for just the right way to express what's in our hearts. If the words to this prayerful poem touch you and convey your sentiments, you're welcome to share it with your special mom.

Mother's Day Prayer

My mom, I love her
And that's why I pray
Not just today on this Mother's Day

But with each remembrance
Of the love she's expressed
My thankfulness to the Lord I've professed

For my life began
In a warm and safe place
Then grew more secure in Mom's tender embrace

When I was little
She taught me to crawl
Then to walk and run, and get up when I fall

Nurtured and cared for
She raised me to stand
Lifted, supported, by her loving hand

She believed in me
Inspired me to dream
Nothing was impossible for me, it seemed

It was her example
That pointed the way
To the life in Christ I know today

My mom, I love her
On this Mother's Day
She's the reason I'm taking this moment to pray

My mom, I love her
Let her know, dear Lord
Please bless her with the most abundant reward

For believers whose mothers have gone to heaven, Mother's Day can feel especially significant. We miss our mothers, but we feel the loss even more on Mother's Day. If you have a mom in heaven, here's a poem to celebrate her memory:

Heaven Has Its Mother's Day 

Heaven has its Mother's Day 
This special time of year
No matter how much pain we feel 
Our mothers are always near

We cannot touch, we cannot see
But in our hearts, they'll always be
Never forgotten, just gone away
To meet again on judgment day 

Heaven has its deliveries 
Of messages, chocolates, and flowers
No doubt there's a busy postman
Serving up all of ours

There isn't just one amazing mom
They're too numerous to count above
So share a word of thanks to God 
For the mom you miss, the mom you love

--Gary Close 

Written for all moms in heaven.

A Prayer for Mothers on Mother's Day

Dear ​Heavenly Father,

Thank you for godly mothers who give and serve selflessly day after day. Please bless them for the important role they play in the lives of their children.
Just as mothers daily extend grace and encouragement, Lord return that grace and encouragement back to them multiplied. Help them to give wise counsel, discipline, instruction, and to raise their children to know and love God.

Thank you for the example mothers are to their children and to others. Bless them, their children, and their families abundantly, and meet their every need.
Please give these women of God health and strength to care for their loved ones. Fill their hearts with joy as they go about the mundane, day-to-day tasks. Let godly mothers feel a sense of how important their lives are to their children and families. May they know how much they matter. 

In the name of Jesus, we pray.