Mountain Lion Stalks Elk Hunter

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Mountain Lion Stalks Elk Hunter

Mountain Lion Stalking Hunter
Netlore Archive: Viral image purports to show a mountain lion (cougar) sneaking up behind a hunter posing with a freshly-downed elk in North Dakota. Unknown, circulating via email

Description: Viral image / Hoax
Circulating since: Oct. 2010
Status: Fake (see details below)

Text example:
Email contributed by Fred M., Nov. 2, 2010:

FW: spectator

This is freaking scary. As you know I was alone when I downed this elk in ND. I was using my camera’s timer attached to my shooting stick to give me enough time to get into the picture. I knew there were a lot of cats in the area but had no idea they would come in this close to people. He had to be within 10 feet of me and I didn’t even know it. I about crapped my pants when I looked at the pictures the next morning and saw he was there.

Analysis: False. Both the photo and the story are fabrications. If you look closely at the composite image, in which the light on the cougar clearly falls from a different direction than that on the hunter, it's easy to tell it was doctored. It was created by pasting part of a 2008 photograph of a cougar in California taken by self-styled "Camera Trap Codger" Chris Wemmer into another photo (origin unknown) of an elk hunter posing with his trophy kill.

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Sources and further reading:

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