Mountain Threads Ski Clothing Rental

Father and sons relax in fresh snow, with skiis
Ascent Xmedia / Getty Images

Everyone knows that ski clothes are expensive, but the prospect of finding something to wear on the slopes shouldn’t have to prevent skiers from making it to the mountain. Skiers often underestimate the extent to which their clothing affects their ski days, and skiing in an old coat, a pair of jeans, and a scratchy scarf is likely to leave skiers cold and uncomfortable. Moreover, wearing well-fitting gear targeted to skiing is also an important part of staying safe, too. Fortunately, the Colorado-based company Mountain Threads provides a ski clothing rental service that makes skiing accessible to everyone.

Mountain Threads is one of the only ski clothing rental services, but the company’s concept is filling a much-needed niche. Families who make a few ski trips a year find the service useful, and ski clothing rental is especially relevant for children who are likely to outgrow expensive clothing each year. Ski clothing rental is also perfect for beginner skiers who are just testing out the sport—after all, most beginner skiers choose to rent ski equipment their first few times on the slopes, so why not rent ski clothing, too? The service has also been useful for group travel, such as with church groups and corporate events. Even business travelers looking to enjoy a day on the slopes have utilize the service. 

If you’re a skier who makes it to the slopes for a week or two a year, Mountain Threads’ prices are unbeatable. After all, the average ski jacket runs around $200, and when you factor in the price of ski pants, layering pieces, gloves, helmets, and goggles, the cost of outfitting the entire family is indeed a daunting one. Fortunately, Mountain Threads makes ski clothing affordable for all Colorado skiers.

Mountain Threads offers ski and snowboard clothing rentals for men, women, and children of all ages. Their broad inventory includes Columbia ski jackets and pants, helmets, gloves, goggles, and accessories such as hats, neck gaitors, layering fleeces, and snow boots for children. The clothing is high quality and durable, available in all sizes. In addition, long underwear and socks are available to purchase at an affordable fee. Mountain Threads offer a package deal (jacket, pants, goggles, and gloves) that costs $39 per day for adults and $29 per day for children; if renting for three days or more, the price drops to $28 per day and $17 per day, respectively. At $28 per day, an adult skier could ski for five days in an entire ski wardrobe that would cost only $140—less than the cost of jacket alone.

The company also offers a ski storage service for $65, in which skiers can leave their equipment with Mountain Threads and have it waiting for them upon their return to Colorado, thus preventing the dreaded task of lugging skis and boots through the airport and nixing expensive luggage fees. Also, Mountain Threads has thought of it all: also available to rent are "Comforts," including two-way radios for easy on-mountain communication, humidifiers to mitigate the effects of dry Colorado air, and boot and glove dryers to make sure your boot and gloves are warm and dry each morning.

Mountain Threads offers two methods of service: the first is the free-of-charge Reunion Point Exchange, in which Mountain Threads arranges a pick-up time in a location just west of Denver on I-70, which is the primary highway leading to many of Colorado's ski resorts. The second is a delivery and pick-up option which costs $12.50 if placed five days ahead of time, and $25 for more immediate deliveries. Mountain Threads conveniently delivers directly to skiers’ accommodations, services all Colorado ski resorts.