How to Conjugate the Irregular French Verb 'Mourir' ('To Die')

'Mourir' conjugations are so irregular you have to memorize them

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Mourir ("to die, die out, die away, die down") is an irregular French -ir verb, meaning that it doesn't follow regular conjugation patterns. There are two groups of irregular -ir verbs that exhibit some patterns: those around the verbs sortir and partir and those around the verbs offrir and ouvrir.

The verb mourir falls into the remaining group of extremely irregular -ir verbs, which are so unusual and unwieldy that they share no commonalities. Other verbs like mourir include asseoir, courir, devoir, falloir, pleuvoir, pouvoir, recevoir, savoir, tenir, valoir, venir, voir, and vouloir.

Simple Conjugations of the Irregular '-ir' Verb Mourir

The following table includes simple conjugations of mourir. It does not list compound conjugations, which consist of a form of the auxiliary verb être and the past participle mort.

Present Future Imperfect Imperative
je meurs mourrai mourais
tu meurs mourras mourais meurs
il meurt mourra mourait
nous mourons mourrons mourions mourons
vous mourez mourrez mouriez mourez
ils meurent mourront mouraient
Subjunctive Conditional Passé simple Imperfect subjunctive
je meure mourrais mourus mourusse
tu meures mourrais mourus mourusses
il meure mourrait mourut mourût
nous mourions mourrions mourûmes mourussions
vous mouriez mourriez mourûtes mourussiez
ils meurent mourraient moururent mourussent

Present participlemourant​ 

Mourir: Uses and Expressions

mourir d'une crise cardiaque, de vieillesse, d'un cancer –> to die of a heart attack, of old age, of cancer

mourir de mort naturelle ou de sa belle mort ​–> to die a natural death

mourir sur le coup ​–> to die instantly

mourir en héros ​–> to die a hero's death, like a hero

Je l'aime à en mourir. ​–> I'm desperately in love with her.

Tu n'en mourras pas ! ​–> It won't kill you!

mourir d'envie de faire quelque chose ​–> to be dying to do something

mourir d'ennui, s'ennuyer à mourir ​–> to be bored to death, bored to tears

la pièce est à mourir de​​ rire ​–> the play's hilarious

Elle me fait mourir de rire ! ​–> She really cracks me up!

mourir de chaleur ​–> to be boiling hot

mourir de faim ​–> to be starving, famished

mourir de froid ​–> to be freezing cold

mourir de soif ​–> to be dying of thirst

mourir de peur ​–> to be scared to death

Plus rapide/bête que lui, tu meurs ! (familiar) ​–> You'd be hard put to be quicker/stupider than him!


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