How to Move Your Blog From WordPress to Blogger

If you're making a change, it's easy to transition your blog

WordPress is a popular blog platform, offering engaging themes, helpful plug-ins, and a wealth of support for bloggers. However, you may want to move your blog to Google Blogger. If you plan to move from WordPress to Blogger, you'll need to convert your WordPress blog because the platforms use different file formats.

When moving a WordPress blog to Blogger, images and other file attachments won't migrate, and you must set up custom redirects manually.

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How to Move Your Blog From WordPress to Blogger

When you transfer a blog from WordPress to Blogger, you'll need to export the blog, comments, pages, and posts from WordPress, then import those elements into Blogger. Here's how:

  1. Go to the WordPress dashboard and select Tools from the menu on the left.

    The Tools heading in settings
  2. Select Export to open the Export Content screen.

    The Export menu item
  3. In the Export Content section, select Export All. A confirmation appears that indicates the export was successful, and a download link is sent to your email.

    The Export All button
  4. Download the exported WordPress blog file to your computer and unzip it.

  5. Go to the WordPress to Blogger Converter online tool, navigate to the exported file, and select Upload. A message that the file was successfully converted appears, and you're prompted to save and download the file.

    Upload the exported WordPress file to the converter tool
  6. Log in to Blogger and create a blog site, if you don't have one.

    Log into Blogger
  7. Select Settings from the menu on the left, then scroll down to the Manage Blog section.

    The Settings heading
  8. Select Import Content.

    The Import content command
  9. Select the Captcha check box and select Import.

    Turn on the Automatically publish all imported posts and pages toggle switch.

    The Import button
  10. Navigate to the converted WordPress blog XML file and select Open. You'll see a message that the import was successful.

    Navigate to the WordPress XML file and select Open
  11. The WordPress XML file is imported into Blogger. Find your migrated posts, comments, and pages in your Blogger account.

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