Movement Therapy

Healthy Mind-Body Moves

There are many forms of movement therapies that focus on deliberate actions intended to promote physical health and emotional wellbeing. Conscious movement is a great mind-body awareness tool that can be used to resolve inner conflicts and gain better insights into the needs of your physical body.
Chakracises (originating from are exercises intended to energize the human energy field to bring about balance and healing. Specific actions are recommended to unblock and activate chakra centers that are not functioning properly. More »

Neuromuscular Integrative Action

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Neuromuscular Integrative Action (NIA) is a movement therapy that combines the martial arts, yoga, and modern dance. NIA is a fitness program that promotes cardiovascular health, flexibility and feelings of joy. The free-style structure of NIA allows individuals to move their bodies according to their personal needs.
Tai Chi is an exercise that exerts no strenuous action, there are no jumps, no aerobics, no running. The feet always rooted within the earth, the torso and arms making graceful, deliberate, and sequenced movements take on the form of physical poetry. Although many of these movements were originally derived from the martial arts, this art form has developed into an exercise meant for relaxation and reduction of stress. More »


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Qi Gong (also called "Chi Gung") is an ancient science that blends medicine and martial arts. The practice of Qigong can balance and heal every aspect of the body, promote emotional balance and develop mental clarity. With practice our holistic nature is revealed and the body as a whole is strengthened. Through this transformation our potential can be realized.

Yoga is a mind-body-spirit practice. Much more than an exercise program, yoga teaches the student how to have a nurturing relationship with his whole being. Attaining balance, gaining strength, breath control, mental focus, and physical flexibility are some of the benefits of practicing yoga.

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