11 Movie Breakup Lines When You Want to Call it Quits

Say 'Goodbye' in Hollywood Style

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Movie Poster "Roman Holiday". Credit: Movie Poster Image Art / Contributor/Getty Images

Here are some memorable and intense breakup lines. They communicate the pain of heartbreak, the bitterness of separation, and the loneliness of the heart. Some of the cuss words have been edited out, but the quote expresses the intensity of the breakup. Borrow the ideas to create your own breakup line.


Matthew Davis, Legally Blonde
"If I want to be a Senator, I need to marry a Jackie, not a Marilyn."

Ouch! The harsh truth is out there. You are no Jackie. You may gave a great, sexy body, but to be a politician's better half, you need to be more. Suddenly your career got in the way of your love life. This may be a brutally honest breakup line. It pretty much sums up why someone who aspires to be a politician has to choose his wife carefully. Marilyn Monroe fans, no offense intended here. But it is what it is. I know, life sucks!


Zooey Deschanel, 500 Days of Summer
"I just woke up one day and I knew...what I was never sure of with you."

I know, what you are thinking. Anyone who used this breakup line might end up with a slap across his face. Here's what you will most likely hear. "What? You didn't know what's going on? You thought this was all a picnic? And what do you mean by saying 'I just woke up..?' Were you sleepwalking through this relationship all along?"

This may not be the cleanest way to breakup, but at least it’s a start.

You can use this to open your breakup speech, but make sure to explain why you felt this way.


Gregory Peck, Roman Holiday
"I don't know how to say goodbye. I can't think of any words."

Saying goodbye is never easy. Especially, if you hear one from the handsome and divine looking Gregory Peck. But sometimes, love stories come crashing down.

Here is a heartfelt goodbye without hurting each other’s feelings.


Clark Gable, Gone With the Wind
"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

This is the most dramatic breakup line ever. With a head toss, and an upturned chin, this could be the most arrogant breakup line ever. Rest assured, you would get closure after saying this line before walking out of your relationship. If you have been in an acrimonious relationship, you could probably use this break up line to communicate that you have moved on.


Barbra Streisand, The Mirror Has Two Face
"I only wanted to make you happy. I never thought I was good enough for you. But Alex, you're not good enough for me!"

It's tough being jilted by a lover. But sometimes, breakups can happen for no fault of yours. If your boyfriend breaks up with you saying that he’s not good enough for you, here’s what you could retort to show him his place. Go, girl!


Vivian Blaine, Guys and Dolls
"You're at it again, you're running the game. I'm not gonna play second fiddle to that. I'm sick and I'm tired of starting a row and I'm telling you now that we're through."

I wish you never have to say these words, but if push comes to shove, go ahead and say it. You’d feel a lot better after saying these words and your breakup will cause much less heartache.

When things are going downhill for you, it's best to not try to salvage. It's time to move on. You will feel broken from inside but the truth is that you will emerge stronger after a bad breakup.


Elizabeth Banks, Definitely, Maybe
"I'm letting you go 'cause if we stay together, Will, we're gonna be miserable. I'm gonna hold you back from all these incredible dreams that you have. And then eventually you're totally gonna hate me for it."

While I simply love this breakup line, I know that breakups always make people bitter. It’s not easy to see your boyfriend leave you, just because you are way too good for him. So, it may not be easy to breakup in this sweet, mature way, but at least it’s worth a shot.


Kate Winslet, Titanic
"I'd rather be his whore than your wife."

Here is a classic breakup line from the romantic classic Titanic.

If you are breaking up with an abusive partner, because you have finally found someone who loves you for being yourself, you could say this breakup line, and watch his face turn into a purple cabbage. While you may have the satisfaction of leaving him heartbroken, this breakup line may trigger a fight that can only have unpleasant outcomes.


Elizabeth Cox, The Ragged Way People Fall Out of Love
"I don’t love you anymore … It comes down to that, I think."

This is a simple, and straightforward breakup line, which cannot be contested. Relationships can wither over a period of time, and couples who are stuck in a loveless relationship, may find it hard to move on. This breakup line is for couples who have drifted apart with time. Instead of accusing each other of being cold hearted, or uncaring, it is best to deal with the truth in a mature fashion. Say it as it is, and get ready to move on.


Daniel Handler, Why We Broke Up
"I'm dumping the whole box back into your life Ed, every item of you and me. I'm dumping this box on your porch, Ed, but it's you, Ed, who is getting dumped."

Here is a breakup line with a symbolic message. When you breakup with someone, make sure to get rid of all personal items that could trigger old memories. Getting back together on a rebound after breakup is dangerous, especially when you carry a baggage of bitterness.


Graham Greene, The End of the Affair
"Nothing would have delighted me more than to hear that she was sick, unhappy, dying."

I hope you never have to use this breakup line.

No human being deserves such contempt and scorn from another. If you have to use a breakup line, be as humane as you can.

End note: Breakup Lines Should Be Used Only When You Are Ready to Move On

While I am a strong believer in love and relationships, I can understand that break ups do happen. It is always advisable to work on your relationship and try to revive the magic. Sometimes, it only takes patience to infuse new love in an old relationship. However, if you find that your relationship is stifling your personal growth or is in some way detrimental to your wellbeing and happiness, it is better to break up and move on. Use breakup lines judiciously, without malice, vengeance or ill-will. When you move on without the baggage of guilt and pain, you will find it easier to move on and find new love