6 Movies from 'South Park' Creators You Might Have Missed

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'South Park' Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been working together for almost two decades on more than just "South Park." Between them, they've won a Grammy award, Emmy awards and Tony awards. (They nearly nabbed an Oscar!) Their work extends beyond their animated comedy series.This filmography lists their movies and other DVDs.

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Team America: World Police

Team America
Team America. Paramount Pictures

Some of us loved it. Some of us were disappointed. "Team America" is an action movie parody using puppets to tell the story of an international police force which learns about a dictator who is brokering weapons of mass destruction to terrorists. "Team America" then recruits a rising star on Broadway to go undercover. Using puppets, the movie does take some really good jabs at celebrities and politics. ​Released: 2004.

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Trey Parker In 'Orgazmo'
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"Orgazmo" pokes (no pun intended) a lot of fun at America's idea of sex, whether it be the Mormon view or the porn industry view. With cheesy music and an outlandish plot involving a Mormon starring in a porn movie, I find this film to be a great big, silly, ridiculous joke. Don't let the NC-17 rating fool you. It's no doubt branded as such only because of the dialogue. ​Released: 1997.

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Cannibal! The Musical

Cannibal! The Musical
GabboT (CC BY-SA 2.0)/Wikimedia Commons

"Cannibal! The Musical" was a student film created and finished during Parker's and Stone's spring break. Not too shabby. The movie is about the sole survivor of a mining expedition who turned to cannibalism. Fans of "South Park" will see the beginnings of the characterization and music they've come to know and love. "Cannibal! The Musical" isn't too gory, considering its subject matter, but it's also not as funny as "South Park." Released: 1993.

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'Basketball' Universal City Premiere
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"BASEketball" feels like Parker and Stone filmed it in a rush after the initial success of "South Park" brought them attention. If you're an avid fan of "South Park," you will enjoy the movie and the cred that comes with having watched it. Otherwise, check out the above films for better Stone and Parker humor. Released: 1998.

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South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

South Park
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In "Bigger, Longer & Uncut," the "South Park" boys anger their parents when they watch an R-rated movie starring Canadian stars Terrance & Phillip. The parents convince the United States to make war with Canada. The music of this film is brilliant, as acknowledged by an Academy award nomination. The humor and dialogue are as entertaining as South Park but there's more payoff since there's more time to tell a story. You have probably seen ​"Bigger, Longer & Uncut" by now, but if not, go! Rent it! Buy it! Enjoy! ​Released: 1999.

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South Park

South Park
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Matt Stone and Trey Parker are best known as the creators of "South Park" on Comedy Central. "South Park" is an animated comedy about four boys whose escapades mirror and analyze current pop culture and politics. The show has been a hit for the network since it debuted in 1997. "South Park" continues to parody current politicians, pop icons and just about anyone in the spotlight. As the library of DVDs grows, we suggest adding to your collection. Like good wine, these shows get better with time.