Prices Realized: Mr. Peanut Collectibles

Barb Crews

Mr. Peanut is one of my top picks for advertising icons for collectors. Apparently a lot of others agree with me, just take a look at the Mr. Peanut web sites around the Internet or the number of folks who belong to the Mr. Peanut Collectors Club. Planters Peanut Company has been around since 1906, Mr. Peanut since 1916 and both are still going strong 100 years later.!

Mr. Peanut collectibles consist of books, posters, jars, pins, dolls, silverware, banks, watches, jars and salt/pepper sets.

Here are a sampling of prices from completed auctions, online malls, shops and antique shows in my area.

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  • Glass Counter Jar w/frosted label
    $61. (Summer 2005)
  • Square Pennant Tin - 1 lb sq, circa 1919
    $87. (Fall 2005)
  • Paddle Ball, Old style character, ball is still attached.
    $91.(Fall 2005)
  • Bar Stirrer Holder, 8 1/2" with 12 stirrers
    $130.(Fall 2005)
  • Tin sealed w/product
    $76. (Summer 2005)
  • Measuring Scoop, circa 1924
    $96.(Fall 2005)
  • Calloway Golf Club/Putter, circa 1980s
    $101.(Fall 2005)
  • 1939 Mr. Peanut as Santa
    $33.(Summer 2005)
  • Service Pin, 14k 20 years
    $139.(Fall 2005)
  • Octagon Store Display Jar w-Paper Label
    $197.(Fall 2005)
  • Plastic Bank Yellow , 1950s, 9" tall
    $200.(Fall 2005)
  • Costume Original TV Commercial Costume
    $610.(Fall 2005)
  • 1960's Ben Cooper Costume
    $80.(Summer 2005)
  • Jointed Wooden Mr. Peanut Doll, 9"
    $107.(Summer 2005)
  • Counter-Top Metal Display Stand
    $67.(Summer 2005)
  • WW II Victory pin w/Mr. Peanut
    457.(Summer 2005)
  • 1960's Bobbing Head Mr. Peanut
    $175.(Summer 2005)
  • Plastic Head Mugs (asst colors)
    $10. - $25. depending on color (Summer 2005)
  • Ice Cream Scoops w/Mr Peanut on handle
    $95.(Summer 2005)
  • Plastic Serving Spoon (asst colors)
    $8. (Summer 2005)
  • Mr. Peanut Matchbook (Mr. Peanut on each match)
    $98.(Summer 2005)
  • Pink Plastic Baby Rattle, Mr.Peanut charms in clear bubble
    $722. (Spring 2008
  • American Flyer Planter Peanuts Boxcar, Rebuilt
    $249. (Spring 2008
  • Mr. Peanut Lime Green Plastic Bank, 8"
    $225. (Spring 2008
  • Mr. Peanut Plaster Bobble Head, Made in Japan, 7"
    $192. (Spring 2008
  • Pennant Glass Jar , rim chips and label loss
    $275. (Spring 2008
  • Planters Peanuts Tin Pennant Nut Cup, has fading and rust, 2.75" T
    $128. (Spring 2008
  • Esquire Shoe Polish w/free Mr. Peanut Whistle inside
    $39. (Spring 2008
  • Mr. Peanut Yellow Plastic Bank, Atlantic City Souvenir label
    $177. (Spring 2008

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Note: Online auctions are not always a true measure of value with many factors contributing to the final price. Some things that can affect prices realized would be month, day and time of auction, category item is listed in, quality and number of pictures shown, and the accuracy of the description.

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