Dialogue and Multiple Choice Questions: Cleaning Staff

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​​Jared knocks quietly on the door in response to Ms. Anderson's request. He offers help and provides some information about the services offered at the hotel

Jared: (knocks on the room door) May I come in, madam?

Ms. Anderson: Yes, thanks for coming so quickly.

Jared: Certainly, madam. How can I help you?

Ms. Anderson: I'd like some fresh towels in the suite when I get back this evening.

Jared: I'll get them immediately. Would you like me to also change the bed sheets?

Ms. Anderson: Yes, that would be nice. Could you also turn down the covers?

Jared: Is there anything else I can do for you? Perhaps you have some laundry I can take to be cleaned.

Ms. Anderson: Now that you mention it, I do have some clothes in the laundry bag.

Jared: Very good, madam. I'll have them cleaned and folded when you return.

Ms. Anderson: Excellent. You know, it gets stuffy in this room.

Jared: I'd be happy to open the window while you are away. I'll make sure to close it before you return.

Ms. Anderson: … oh, I can never find the light switch when I get back in the evening.

Jared: I'll make sure to leave the lamp on the bedside table on after I finish cleaning up.

Ms. Anderson: Are you going to vacuum?

Jared: Certainly, madam. We vacuum our rooms every day.

Ms. Anderson: That's good to hear. Well, it's time for me to see my friends. Today we're visiting a vineyard.

Jared: Enjoy your day, madam.

Ms. Anderson: Oh, I will… Just a second, could you also take out the trolley with this morning's breakfast?

Maria: Yes, madam I'll take it with me when I've finished tidying up.

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