Dialogue and Multiple Choice Questions: A Drink at the Bar

Bartender talking to customer
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A Drink at the Bar

After a stressful day, Mr. Jackson relaxes at the bar. The bartender, Mark, responds to a few complaints while he serves Mr. Jackson his favorite cocktail.

Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Mr. Jackson: Bartender, could I have a drink? What's taking so long?!
Bartender: Excuse me, sir. Yes, what can I get you?

Mr. Jackson: I'd like a whiskey sour.
Bartender: Certainly sir, I'll get that straight away.

Mr. Jackson: What a day! My feet are aching! Where's an ashtray?!
Bartender: Here you go sir. Did you have a busy day?

Mr. Jackson: Yes, I had to walk all over town to get to meetings. I'm exhausted.
Bartender: I'm sorry to hear that, sir. Here's your drink. That should help.

Mr. Jackson: (takes a long sip) That's what I needed. Much better. Do you have any snacks?
Bartender: Certainly, here are some peanuts and some savory crackers, and a napkin.

Mr. Jackson: Could I have a stir stick?
Bartender: Coming up... Here you are.

Mr. Jackson: Thanks. You know, I'm sorry to say this, but these snacks are awful.
Bartender: I'm terribly sorry about that, sir. What seems to be the matter?

Mr. Jackson: The peanuts are stale!
Bartender: I apologize sir, I'll open a fresh can immediately.

Mr. Jackson: Thanks. Sorry to be in such a bad mood.
Bartender: That's quite alright. Can I get you another drink? This one's on the house.

Mr. Jackson: That's kind of you. Yes, I'll have another whiskey sour.
Bartender: Right away, sir. Do you have any preferences on the whiskey?

Mr. Jackson: Hmmm, what's that bottle over there?
Bartender: That's Jack Daniel's - aged 12 years.

Mr. Jackson: That sounds good. I'd like to smoke...
Bartender: Just a moment, here's an ashtray.

Mr. Jackson: Thanks. So how long have you worked at this bar?
Bartender: It's been about three years now. I love this job...

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