The Official List Of 100 Music Education Bloggers

From the Music Education Bloggers Campaign

In December 2007, Dr. Joseph Pisano, a jazz trumpet player and the Asst. Chairman of Music and Fine Arts at Grove City College, announced his goal of creating a list of 100 Music Education Bloggers by Jan. 1, 2009. When he first started his campaign, there were only a few music educators, performers, students and music aficionados who were taking advantage of the blog platform. But soon, the number of music bloggers grew and by the end of 2009, his desire to create a diverse community of music enthusiasts who will keep the conversation going was answered. Here's the Official List of 100 Music Education Bloggers:
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By Dr. Joseph M. Pisano
By Owen Bradley
By Evan Tobias
By Espie Estrella
By Dr. James Frankel
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Music Education, Technology & Social Media

By Dr. Miikka Salavuo
By Pete Whitfield
By Chad Criswell
By Dr. Jonathan Savage
By V. Keith Mason
By Travis J. Weller
By Ken Pendergrass
By Joel
By Steve Engel
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By Linda Granite
By Jason Heath
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The Music is Free

By Robert Brannan
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By Deborah Valdivia-Zwolinski
By Kyle Gardner
By Paul Draper
By John Wilborn
By Leo Park
By Stan Haskins
By Barbara Freedman
By Dr. Tom Rudolph
By Dale Lewis
By Dr. Kevin Andry
By Steffany Perham
By Alex Ruthmann
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By Carol Broos
By Geejay Arrioloa and Jeffrey Langlois
By Michael Compton
By Eric Wright
By Alison Hulihan
By Roger Whaley
By Martha Grondin
By Kevin Tuck
By Janice Tuck
By Steve Raybould and Kriston Feldpausch
By Kyle Krstolic
By Dan Leeman
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Notes From The Mitten

By Erinn Wrobel
By Doug Butchy
By Rich Blenkinsopp
By Susan Hurst
By Dr. Phil Kirkman
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WI Orchestra

By Ann Winze
By David DeVoto
By Dr. Chris Foley
By Matthew Pelandina and Mike Lewis
By David French
By Larry Marra
By Rebecca Brown
By Greg Albing
By Ben Baker
By Susan Davis
By Mike Saville
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Free 2 Create

By Valerie Kampmeier
By Natalie Wickham
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Education In Music

By Theresa White
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By William Zick
By Eugene Cantera
By Ms. Tris
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Learn Theory Music Blog

By Julian Partridge
By Tennyson Williams
By Dan Thompson
By Oscar
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By Dr. Eric Rasmussen
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By Mr. ReBand
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By Brenda Muench
By Thomas J. West
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By Andrew Spang
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By Jon Ensminger
By Richard McCready
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By Derek
By Rachel Rambach
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By Allan Perkins
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The Misadventures of a First Year Music Teacher

By Alexandra Gallant
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By Cameron Grant
By Scott Ashby
By Stever Carter
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Third-Stream Music Education

By Cary Stewart
By Derek Polischuk
By Elizabeth McDonald
By Sarah Johnston
By Jason Crews
By Christopher
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Split Three Ways

By Andrew
By Marilyn Johnson
By Brandon Pearce
By Dr. Robert Phillips
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The Unlikely Entrepreneur

By Cynthia Wunsch
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By Joe Owens
By Andy Zweibel
By Stephen Robb
By Paul Bailey
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Alan Coady’s Musical Blog

By Alan Coady