Music Education Grants

One of the main problems most music students face is the lack of money to support their music education. Pursuing a music career can be financially draining, what with the music instruments you have to buy, the books, the tuition and other expenses, it's no wonder many give up their dream to become a musician. Fortunately, there are organizations that give grants and scholarships to qualified individuals and groups.

Here are several resources to organizations who support music students and music groups through grants and scholarships.

Alfonso Loera Music Scholarship Fund - Support for musicians ages 12 to 24 in the Muskegon County who want to take private music lessons or get formal music instruction. Grants will be equivalent to one year of private lessons or formal schooling in music.

Amateur Chamber Music Players, Inc. - Supports different music-related projects in the United Sates and Canada. Their main objective is to promote the inclusion of chamber music in the community music schools curriculum. Average grant range from $1,000 to $3,000.

American Musicological Society - Provides fellowships, awards, research and travel grants.

Associated Male Choruses of America - Assists college music students and promotes male chorus music. Grants start off at $200 per recipient.

Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts Scholarships - Awards scholarships to those who qualify for post secondary education or those who want to have a career in the performing arts.

Grand Rapids Community Foundation - Offers scholarships to Kent county residents with approximately $500,000 in awards each year. Other grants for nearby counties are also available.

Harmony Foundation Grants - A subsidiary of the Barbershop Harmony Society that supports vocal music.

Sharon Gewirtz Kids to Concerts Fund - Offers grants to schools and non-profit music programs in the United States.

Grants will be awarded in September of each year. Grants are made for each cycle up to $500 and are made on an annual one-time basis.

Take note of the application deadline, requirements, and procedures before applying. Know of other scholarships and grants for music students and music groups? Email it to

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