Music Education Lesson Plan

Music and Language Arts/Phonics/Reading

Lesson Plans
  • Days of the Week Song - Learn the days of the week through music. Level: Preschool
  • Months of Year Song - Students will learn the months of the year through singing.Level: Preschool
  • A-B-C Music Book - An activity where students make their own A-B-C music book as they learn about different instruments. Teaches music appreciation. Level: Elementary
  • Integrating Music and Literature - Ideas on integrating music to "I Went Walking," "Rain" and "Five Little Ducks". Level: K to 1
  • Musical Spelling Rules - Has several songs that teaches spelling rules, also includes sheet music of the songs. Level: First Grade and up
  • Grammar Songs - This website offers very helpful resources that help teach the parts of speech through songs. For each lesson there is a corresponding song and related posters and cards for free download. Level: Elementary
  • Importance of Friendship - Accepting Differences - This lesson plan focuses on the vale of friendship and connects it with several subjects including language arts, music and math. Level: Presechool to 2nd Grade
  • Acting Up, A Melodrama - In this lesson plan for Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women, students will create a play and incorporate musical instruments to enhance their performance. Level: Grade 5 to 8
  • Guantanamera: A Poem and a Song - A study of the Cuban folk song "Guantanamera" by Pete Seeger using lyrics Jose Mart's poem. Level: Grade 9 to 12