Music Education Lesson Plans

Music Instruments

Lesson Plans


  • Dynamics and Timbre of "Amani Utupe" - Students will use non-pitched percussion instruments to accompany a chosen song. Level: 2 to 12


  • Find the Sound - Students will learn to identify sounds of certain musical instruments. Level: K to 3


  • Keyboards - Learn more about the piano through this activity. Level: 2nd Grade


  • Making Music - This pdf file will teach children how to create their own music. Level: Preschool


  • Shake that Shaker - A pdf file for children to learn how to make their own musical instrument using items found at home. Level: Preschool


  • Decorate A Drum - Kids will have fun making their own drum. Level: Preschool


  • Introducing Instruments - Introducing percussion instruments and exploring its characteristics. Level: K to 6


  • Homemade Instruments - Offers several resources to teach kids how to create their own musical instruments; contains photo guides.
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