Music Education Lesson Plans

Music and History

Lesson Plans

  • A Great, Crazy Sailor – Learn about Christopher Columbus through this activity that includes a free sheet music. Level: All


  • Be A Music Investigator – In this activity, students will compare two great composers; Mozart and Beethoven. Level: Middle


  • Learning through The Duke - A lesson which incorporates the study of Duke Ellington's life and his contributions to jazz. Level: 2 to 5


  • Songs - Students will learn to sing a Scottish ballad and American folk songs. Level: Second Grade


  • Folk Songs - Explore the difference between folk and classical music. Level: Second Grade


  • Music from Across America - In this lesson, students will learn about the different music styles of America. Level: 3 to 5


  • What is Jazz? - An intro to jazz history and musicians. Level: Intermediate


  • How to Blues - Forty two activities that explores the history and elements of blues music. Level: Fourth Grade


  • History of African-American Music - Focuses on African-American music history. Level: PreK to 8


  • We Didn't Start the Fire - Uses Billy Joel's hit song to teach historical facts and figures. Level: First Grade and up