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20 Instrumental Songs - Perfect Music For Studying

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According to Nick Perham, a researcher published in Applied Cognitive Psychology, the best music for studying is none at all, which is sure to make all the music aficionados upset to hear. Perham recommends complete quiet or ambient noise, like soft conversation or muted traffic for the optimal study background. Websites like and apps like "White Noise" have millions of users testifying to the fact that ambient noise helps people focus and study.

But purveyors of white noise have an equal number of music lovers who would beg to disagree. 

Some people, despite Perham's research, believe that music is a must for studying everything from the SAT to the MCAT. They believe that music can really enhance the study experience since music brightens people's moods and increases positive feelings - both of which are important factors for successful study.

Music researchers do agree on one thing, however: music for studying should be free from lyrics, so the songs aren't competing for your brain's memory space. 

The 50 Best Sources for Study Music

Sure, these are just individual songs listed below, which can give you an idea of the wide range of lyric-free study music available to you. However, there is an entire world out there dedicated to study music that you may have never even heard about. Check out the link above to listen to Pandora and Spotify stations by genre and artist and feel free to download the music apps to help you focus on your studies and NOT on the sweet beats of the songs.


Individual Songs as Music For Studying

These twenty songs represent a wide variety in musical genres. Everything from classical music by Mozart to covers by Modern Rock Heroes is listed, hopefully hitting a lyric-free genre you'd be willing to crack open the books to. 

  1. Song: Adagio from Serenede No. 10 in B Flat Major for Thirteen Winds "Gran Partita" Listen

    Artist:Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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  1. Song: Aloha Ia O Waianae Listen

    Artist: Ledward Kaapana
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  2. Song: Be Still My Soul

    Artist: David Nevue
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  3. Song: Blues After Hours Listen

    Artist: Pee Wee Crayton
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  4. Song: Braveheart Film Score Listen

    Artist: James Horner
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  5. Song: Concerto for Violin, String and Harpsichord in C R. 190 I. Allegro
    Artist: Antonio Vivaldi
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  6. Song: Desfinado Listen

    Artist: Stan Getz
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  7. Song: Here Comes The Sun Listen

    Artist: Piano Music Songs
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  8. Song: In The Shadow Of Your Wings Listen

    Artist: John Tesh
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  9. Song: Love Theme From Romeo and Juliet Listen

    Artist: Henry Mancini
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  10. Song: Palladio Listen

    Artist: Escala
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  11. Song: Étude-Tableau in C Major, Op. 33, No. 2 Listen

    Artist: Rachmaninoff
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  12. Song: Sigh Listen to Sigh

    Artist: Praful
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  13. Song: Silence Magnifies Sound Listen

    Artist:The Six Parts Seven
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  14. Song:So Long, Lonesome Listen

    Artist:Explosions in The Sky
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  15. Song: South Street Listen

    Artist: Bobby Ross Avila and Natural
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  16. Song: Take Five Listen

    Artist: Dave Brubeck
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  1. Song: Viva La Vida Listen

    Artist: Modern Rock Heroes
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  2. Song: Whiskey Before Breakfast Listen

    Artist: Doc Watson
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  3. Song: You Wish Listen

    Artist: Nightmares on Wax
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