Musical Instruments of the Romantic Period - The Flute , Saxophone and the Tuba

During the Romantic period, musical instruments that were already in existence were further modified. More keys were added to woodwinds, specifically Theobald Boehm who redesigned the flute and its fingering. The oboe was likewise modified by Charles TriƩbert and his son and in 1835 Johann Gottfried Moritz invented the bass tuba. In 1846 the saxophone was patented by Adolphe Sax. During the Romantic period more instruments were also added to the orchestra.

Music Education in the News: I enjoy reading blogs, especially those about music. One such blog I frequent is maintained by Dr. James Frankel, an instrumental and general music teacher in New Jersey. His blog is a good place to find information on current news and trends in music technology and how teachers can use it in their classrooms. Another blog I recently discovered is maintained and co-authored by Prof. Joseph Pisano. Here he posts about topics that relates to music technology or other forms of electronic technologies. Being not so tech-savvy myself, I find both blogs very informative.

This Day in Music History: 1993 - The theme for the Disney animated movie "Aladdin" (A Whole New World) received an Academy Award for best song.

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hamlyn-Harris