Muslim Baby Girl Names

Choosing Muslim Female Names Beginning With “R”

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Muslims ordinarily follow certain criteria within Islamic guidelines for choosing female baby names. A fatwa issued by Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi required that parents can choose non-Arab names for Muslim females as long as those names bear good meanings in their language. However, Muslims should not choose female names that are vainglorious or pompous. Muslim female names should not be detested by people nor rejected by the child when she grows up (examples of such cases would include female names that are known for oppression or excessiveness).

Appropriate Muslim female names might include names of the righteous, so as to honor them and keep them living on in memory.

These appropriate names begin with the letter "R."


Rabab – White clouds

Rafeeda – Assistance

Raghad – Ease

Raheema – Beneficent

Raida – Leader

Raifa – Compassionate

Raisa – Chief

Rajwa – Expectation

Rana – Attractive

Raneem – Musical note

Raqiyah – Ascending

Rasha – Young gazelle

Rasheeda – Righteous

Rasima – Designer

Rayhana – Fragrant

Rayya – Fragrance

Raziya – Contented

Reema – White antelope

Rizwana – Pleasure

Ruwayda – Graceful

Note: The exact pronunciation of each name depends on the original language. Some sounds do not have an English equivalent but are transliterated into English letters here. Please refer to the original language for correct pronunciation.

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