Must Have iPad Apps for Teachers

5 of the Best Free Apps for Teachers

48 percent of iPad owners use it for playing games. Photo Blend Images/Ariel Skelley/Getty Images

If you are one of those teachers who is lucky enough to have an iPad, then you know that it is a great tool to use in your classroom. There are literally thousands of apps in the app store that teachers can incorporate into their class. With all of these great new apps, who has the time to try them all out? After talking with fellow teachers, scouring the internet, and trying many out myself, I have come up with the top five free iPad apps for teachers.

1. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

If you don't already have a whiteboard in your classroom, now you will. This app turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. The features are endless. My favorite features are being able to add photos to your lessons and the fact that you can upload the lessons to the internet. If a student is absent, you can email them the lesson to watch, or upload it to your class website. You will find that your students will love the hands-on interaction of the whiteboard, and you will love how simple and fun it is to create the lessons.

2. TeacherKit

If you like to be organized and have all of your essential information in one place, this app is for you. Teacherkit is a free app with amazing features. It's like having a teacher assistant right in your pocket. Check out these features:

This simple, free app is a must have for all teachers. Every teacher has to keep track of these tasks throughout the day anyway, so why not make it easy for yourself and keep track on your iPad.

  • Create separate classrooms and list student contact information.
  • Create a seating chart for each class.
  • Record attendance and have the ability to color code.
  • Track student behavior for each class.
  • Keep track of grades in a grade book.

3. Storia from Scholastic

If you are an elementary teacher in the United States, then you know that Scholastic book clubs have a great partnership with schools throughout the country.

Every month students look forward to purchasing books from Scholastic. Now with the new Storia app from Scholastic, students can download interactive ebooks to their iPad. The best part about this app is that students can enjoy interactive learning activities, which makes reading so much more fun! There are literally thousands of age-appropriate book options for children to choose from.

How to use Storia in the classroom:

  • Independent reading
  • Partner reading
  • Small-group reading
  • Whole-group reading

4. Popplet

Think graphic organizers gone digital. Imagine an app that can allow your students the ability to let their imaginations run free, and gain knowledge at the same time. This app is perfect for any student, in any grade, on any learning level. By the touch of a finger, students can write, type, change color, add photos and manipulate the page as they please. Popplet is a great visual aid, and the best part is, the organizers can be printed out once they are completed.

5. Common Core Standards

Just about every U.S. teacher needs to learn and adapt the common core learning standards. This app makes it easy for teachers to understand what is expected of the students, so they can ensure they are teaching their students what they need to know.

It's a great reference to have at your fingertips, because it easily breaks down each learning standard by grade and subject. It also makes it easy for teachers to show parents what is expected of their children.