My Ghost Story - Legit or Not?

A week or so ago, I gave my recommendation to a new TV show featured on the Biography Channel called My Ghost Story. My impression was that the stories told by the people who experienced them were interesting, compelling and believable. Was I mistaken?

A few days ago I received a note from a reader who says he/she was featured on a segment of the show, and what he/she had to say is worth noting:

Sorry to burst your (and my) bubble, but the BIO channel producers coaxed and pushed me to twist the story so it was "scary." They were not satisfied with the real deal and kept prodding me to change events around while they filmed me talking.

I just read feedback on the Bio Channel blog about the shows and was disgusted to see that other people went thru the same thing when they were interviewed.

It seems to me that A&E does not feel the real stories will sell, so they join the sensationalism bandwagon. This is sad as the real stories ARE fascinating and do not need to be embellished.

I took a look at the Bio Channel message boards and could not find much to corroborate the reader's experience. It might be that disparaging posts have been deleted, but I did find these posts:

"I participated in this program and the producers were very adamant about the validity of the footage. They screened things very closely. This group of producers were some of the best in the industry I have worked with."

"Just thought I'd share my experience: I approached no one with my story, but have been contacted by literally dozens of producers, channels, news programs, radio shows, etc. I have told the same story of my experience each time, and each time, the few shows that have aired it pieced it together however they saw fit: sometimes with belief, sometimes with doubt, sometimes with sensationalism. I expressed a very real desire to remain true to my experience (and unsure of what it really was), and I felt the show tried very hard to honor my wishes and not try to make my story scary, exaggerated, or dishonest."

So, we have differing viewpoints. So I guess the key takeaway is that we have to be skeptical about everything that comes out of our TV sets. In many, many cases shows are produced for entertainment value first, and truth somewhere down the line.

I still like the show.