Kindergarten Portfolio

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Kindergarten Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of a student's work that represents a sample of his performance and provides a way to monitor his progress over time. You can help a kindergarten student create a portfolio with these printables, starting, of course, with a cover page. Slide the pages into sheet protectors as the student completes each one, and put them a three-ring binder, or simply punch holes in the pages, topping the portfolio with the cover page.

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All About Me

Kindergarten Portfolio 2

Use this All About Me page and help your child or student write her name and age in the provided spaces. Measure and weigh her and assist her in filling out the information. Glue a picture in the appropriate space, and after the glue is dry, add this page to the portfolio.

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My Birthday

Kindergarten Portfolio 3

This My Birthday page will help your child or young student fill in his birthday as well as what age he will be turning. Have him color the picture and draw the rest of the candles on the cake.

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My Family

Kindergarten Portfolio4

This My Family ​page allows your child or student to fill in the number of siblings she has and color the picture. Glue a family picture to the appropriate place, and after the glue dries, add this page to the portfolio.

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My Grandparents

Kindergarten Portfolio 5

On this My Grandparents page, your child or student can color the pictures. Help him glue a picture of each set of grandparents to the appropriate places. After the glue dries, add the page to the portfolio.

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My House

Kindergarten Portfolio 6

Use this My House page to help your child or student write her address on the lines. She can either color the picture or glue a picture of her house on the paper.

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My Chores

Kindergarten Portfolio 7

Chores are an important part of growing up: They teach responsibility. Let your child or student color ​the picture on this My Chores page. Have him draw pictures showing him doing chores, list the chores or glue a picture of him doing chores in the blank space.

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My Phone Number

Kindergarten Portfolio 8

Knowing your home -- and parents' work -- phone number is a vital life skill. Print the this My Phone Number page and help your child or student write her phone numbers in the provided spaces. Have her color the telephone, and add the completed page to the portfolio.

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My Favorites

Kindergarten Portfolio 9

Help your child or student answer the questions on this My Favorites page. Let him color the pictures and add the page to the portfolio.

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My Favorite Book

Kindergarten Portfolio 10

This My Favorite Book page allows your young child or student to practice basic reading, comprehension and writing skills. Help her read a book and fill out the title of the book, the author and what the book is about. She can then color the picture and add this final page to her portfolio.

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