My Many Haunted Houses


I found out that my old house that I grew up in in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, was very haunted. I used to have a huge collection of Barbie cards. They were cards much like baseball cards, but had different Barbies on them from the years. I kept them hidden by my bed as they were a comfort to me. One night I put them in my spot, and the very next morning they were gone! They never showed up and everyone swears they did not take them.

I slept in a small room right across from the attic stairs, and I always kept the door open because I was afraid of the dark and there was a small nightlight in the hallway. I awoke with the feeling that I was being stared at, and I looked over at the attic stairs, and there sat this beautiful woman with long, dark hair put into a bun on top of her head, a long beautiful dress like someone from the 40s-50s would have worn. She just looked down at me and smiled, then disappeared.

Another time, I was with my long-time childhood friend, and our mothers were having a garage sale at his late uncle's house, who had just passed. My friend and I were in the living room of the house playing, as our mothers and my older brother were in the garage. We were the only ones in the house. All of the sudden, we heard a noise, looked at the staircase, and it sounded like a whole herd of horses were running down the staircase.

We were so scared we went out on the porch for the rest of the time we were there and did not go back in the house at all!

There is this one small cemetery in the Hornerstown section of Johnstown and there is a statue there that is nicknamed "Bloody Mary". The statue changes every night, whether it be her dress or her facial expression.

I only went there once and will not go back again. It is said that if you stand on her grave and defile it in any way, she will come to you that night to hurt or kill you.

Well, being a youngster, I did! I didn't defile it, but I was smoking a cigarette. That night I swear to you that I heard coming toward my room someone lightly walking with a silk or satin dress on! Anyone can recognize the sound one of those dresses sounds like walking! I was so scared. The rest of my family were asleep so I know it wasn't any of them. I looked out, didn't see anyone, and still heard it coming! Needless to say, I woke up my older sister and slept in her room that night.

Later, we were living in the west end section of Johnstown, and my sister lived right next to us (we lived in a double house). She said there were spirits there. I didn't see or feel anything until one night she asked me to watch my nieces until she came home from the store. My one niece was sleeping in her parents' room and I was outside. I heard her cry, so I raced up to make sure she was fine. I sat there and rocked her.

Everyone was outside at the time and no one else was in the house, but I looked out toward the hallway and saw a black figure of a male with some kind of hat on -- kind of looked like a cowboy hat, but not as curvy.

I didn't say anything as I did not want to upset my niece, so we went outside until her parents came home.

We still live in the west end, but in a different house, still a double house, though, and I live on one side with my family and she lives on the other side with her family. The only story I have from my side of the house is one night my daughter was sleeping and all of the sudden she started screaming hysterically and came to my room, stopped outside the door, and walked back to her room.

My husband and I raced to see what was wrong and she was still sobbing, saying, "Mommy, what's going on? What's going on? I don't understand what's happening to me!" I asked her what she meant and she just said that there was a ball of light that came out of her closet (I lock her closet door every night) and she got up to follow it and it went into my room and disappeared.

I had no clue what to tell her.

Every now and then things will disappear from around the house, like we have a friendly poltergeist or something, nothing harmful. However, on my sister's side of the house, her oldest daughter has seen a floating head, and there is something that made a lot of noises in the attic.

I talked to a Native American about how to get rid of the harmful spirit and we cleansed the house with sage, sweetgrass, tobacco, and pine lit in a seashell. Thankfully, the harmful spirits went away, but I think my friendly, mischievous poltergeist goes over to her side, too, as she has stuff that goes missing, too. She also has dreams about evil children in her attic, but there is never any activity to suggest there is... or maybe that's what we drove out of there with our smudging.

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