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How to Make a Memory Book With Kids

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Young children love to create "about me" books, detailing facts about their likes and dislikes, their age and grade, and other tidbits about their lives at their current age.

Memory books make a fantastic project for kids and a treasured keepsake for parents. They can also be a helpful introduction to autobiographies and biographies.

Use the following free printables to create a memory book with your children. The project is perfect for homeschoolers, classrooms, or a weekend project for families.

Option 1: Insert each of the pages into a sheet protector. Place the sheet protectors in a 1/4" 3-ring binder.

Option 2: Stack the completed pages in order and slide them into a plastic report cover.

Option 3: Use a three-hole punch on each page and attach them together using yarn or brass brads. If you choose this option, you may wish to print the cover page on card stock or laminate it to make it sturdier.

Tip: Look through the printables to see what photos you'll want to include. Take the photos and have them printed before you begin your memory book project.

Cover Page

Memory Book 1

Print the pdf: My Memory Book

Your students will use this page to make a cover for their memory books. Each student should complete the page, filling in their grade level, name, and date.

Encourage your children to color and decorate the page however they would like. Let their cover page reflect their personalities and interests.

All About Me

Memory Book 2

Print the pdf: All About Me

The first page of the memory book allows students to record facts about themselves, such as their age, weight, and height. Let your students glue a photo of themselves in the spot indicated.

My Family

Memory Book 3

Print the pdf: My Family

This page of the memory book provides space for students to list facts about their families. Students should fill in the blanks and include the appropriate photos as indicated on the page.

My Favorites

Memory Book 4

Print the pdf: My Favorites

Students can use this page to write down some of their favorite memories from their current grade level, such as their favorite field trip or project.

Students can use the blank space provided to draw a picture or paste a photo of one of their favorite memories.

Other Fun Favorites

Memory Book 5

Print the pdf: Other Fun Favorites

This fun favorites page provides blank spaces for your students to record their personal favorites such as color, TV show, and song.

My Favorite Book

Memory Book 6

Print the pdf: My Favorite Book

Students will use this page to record details about their favorite book. It also provides blank lines for them to list other books they read this year.

Field Trips

Memory Book 7

Print the pdf: Field Trips

You may wish to print multiple copies of this page so that your students can record fun facts about all the field trips they've enjoyed this school year. 

Add photos from each field trip to the appropriate page. Your student may also wish to include small mementos, such as postcards or brochures.

Tip: Print copies of this page at the beginning of the school year so that your students can record details about each field trip as you go through the year while the details are still fresh in their minds.

Physical Education

Memory Book 8

Print the pdf: Physical Education

Students can use this page to record details about any physical education activities or team sports in which they participated this year. 

Tip: For team sports, list the names of your students' teammates and a team photo on the back of this page. Those can be fun to look back on as your children grow older. 

Fine Arts

Memory Book 9

Print the pdf: Fine Arts

Let students use this page to record facts about their fine arts education and lessons.

My Friends and My Future

Memory Book 10

Print the pdf: My Friends and My Future

Students will use this page to preserve their memories about their friendships. They can list the name of their BFF and other friends in the spaces provided. Be sure your student includes a photo of his friends. 

There is also space for students to record their current aspirations such as what they hope to do next year and what they want to be when they grow up.

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