Naam - Divine Identity

Naam Ladoo - Spiritual Confection
Naam Ladoo - Spiritual Confection. Photo © [S Khalsa]


Naam literally means "name". In Gurbani, the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib, naam refers to the divine identity and description of the identifying characteristics of the Creator. The Sikh name for God is Waheguru. Naam is compared to a jewel, or treasure, having the power to liberate one from the cycle of transmigration.

  • Naam jaap means to recite naam as in contemplative chanting.
  • Naam simran means to contemplate naam.
  • Naam laddo is a confection made while contemplating naam.

Sikhs traditionally practice naam jap by reciting or contemplating Waheguru, or repeating prayers and hymns in praise of the divine taken from Gurbani

  • During amritvela or early morning meditation.
  • Any time or day, ideally with every breath.
  • During a Sikh worship service or while listening to kirtan (sacred music).
  • During the preparation of langar, the sacred meal accompanying a Sikh worship service.

Pronunciation: The double aa in naam has the sound of o in mom

Common Misspellings: nam


"Jis no kirpa kareh tin naam ratan paa­iaa."||
Those who are blessed with Your mercy, obtain the jewel of Your Divine Identity. SGGS||11