What's the Name of a Half-Man Half-Beast?

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Question: What's the Name of a Half-Man Half-Beast?

The following question about a hodge-podge mythical creature was posted on the Ancient / Classical History Forum:

I have been searching endlessly for an umbrella term defined as a creature in Greek mythology that is half-human, half-animal. I know of specific creatures, such as the minotaur and the centaur, but I am looking for a general term than encompasses all of these creatures. Can anyone help???


The answer to this question is not one of the following specific mythical hybrid creatures:

  • Centaur (horse-man)
  • Echidna (snake-woman)
  • Harpy (bird-woman)
  • Mandrake (plant-man)
  • Mermaid (woman-fish)
  • Minotaur (bull-man)
  • Satyr (horse-tailed man; later, goat-man)
  • Siren (bird-woman)
  • Sphinx (woman-lion-bird)
  • Tragelaphos (goat-stag)
The composite non-existent mythological animal generic term is Chimera.

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