Names and Uses of 10 Gases

Helium keeps balloons afloat.


A gas is a form of matter that does not have a defined shape or volume. Gases can consist of a single element, such as hydrogen gas (H2); they may also be a compound such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or even a mixture of several gases such as air.

Example Gases

Here is a list of 10 gases and their uses:

  1. Oxygen (O2): medical use, welding
  2. Nitrogen (N2): fire suppression, provides an inert atmosphere
  3. Helium (He): balloons, medical equipment 
  4. Argon (Ar): welding, provides an inert atmosphere for materials
  5. Carbon dioxide (CO2): carbonated soft drinks
  6. Acetylene (C2H2): welding 
  7. Propane (C3H8): fuel for heat, gas grills
  8. Butane (C4H10): fuel for lighters and torches
  9. Nitrous oxide (N2O): propellant for whipped topping, anesthesia 
  10. Freon (various chlorofluorocarbons): coolant for air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers
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