What Are All the Names of Ganesha?

Sanskrit Names of the Hindu God with Meanings

Temple idol of a Hindu god Ganesha
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Lord Ganesha is known by many names. There are 108 different names of Ganesha in the Hindu scriptures. Many of these are suitable for baby names - for both boys and girls. The following are these various Sanskrit names of Ganesha with their meaning.

  1. Akhuratha: One whose chariot is pulled by a mouse
  2. Alampata: One who is forever eternal
  3. Amit: One who is incomparable
  4. Anantachidrupamayam: One who is the personification of the infinite consciousness
  1. Avaneesh: Master of the universe
  2. Avighna: The remover of obstacles
  3. Balaganapati: Beloved child
  4. Bhalchandra: One who is moon crested
  5. Bheema: One who is gigantic
  6. Bhupati: The lord of lords
  7. Bhuvanpati: The lord of the heaven
  8. Buddhinath: The God of wisdom
  9. Buddhipriya: One who bestows of knowledge and intellect
  10. Buddhividhata: The God of knowledge
  11. Chaturbhuj: The four-armed lord
  12. Devadeva: The lord of lords
  13. Devantakanashakarin: Destroyer of evils and demons
  14. Devavrata: One who accepts all penances
  15. Devendrashika: The protector of all gods
  16. Dharmik: One who is righteous and charitable
  17. Dhoomravarna: One whose skin is smoke-hued
  18. Durja: The invincible
  19. Dvaimatura: One who has two mothers
  20. Ekaakshara: One who is a single syllable
  21. Ekadanta: Single-tusked
  22. Ekadrishta: Single-focused
  23. Eshanputra: The son of Shiva
  24. Gadadhara: One whose weapon is the mace
  25. Gajakarna: One who has elephantine-ears
  26. Gajanana: One who has an elephantine face
  1. Gajananeti: One who has the looks of an elephant
  2. Gajavakra: The trunk of an elephant
  3. Gajavaktra: One who has an elephantine mouth
  4. Ganadhakshya: The lord of lords
  5. Ganadhyakshina: Leader of all celestial bodies
  6. Ganapati: The lord of lords
  7. Gaurisuta: The son of Gauri
  8. Gunina: The lord of virtues
  9. Haridra: One who is golden-hued
  1. Heramba: Mother's beloved son
  2. Kapila: One who is yellowish-brown
  3. Kaveesha: The lord of poets
  4. Kirti: The lord of music
  5. Kripalu: Merciful lord
  6. Krishapingaksha: One who has yellowish-brown eyes
  7. Kshamakaram: The abode of forgiveness
  8. Kshipra: One who is easy to appease
  9. Lambakarna: One who has large ears
  10. Lambodara: One who has a big belly
  11. Mahabala: One who is enormously strong
  12. Mahaganapati: The Supreme Lord
  13. Maheshwaram: Lord of the universe
  14. Mangalamurti: The all auspicious Lord
  15. Manomay: The winner of hearts
  16. Mrityuanjaya: The conqueror of death
  17. Mundakarama: The abode of happiness
  18. Muktidaya: Bestower of eternal bliss
  19. Musikvahana: One who rides a mouse
  20. Nadapratithishta: One who appreciates music
  21. Namasthetu: Destroyer of evils and sins
  22. Nandana: Lord Shiva's son
  23. Nideeshwaram: Bestower of wealth
  24. Omkara: One who has the form of 'Om'
  25. Pitambara: One who has yellowish skin
  26. Pramoda: Lord of all abodes
  27. Prathameshwara: First among all Gods
  28. Purush: The omnipotent personality
  29. Rakta: One who is blood-hued
  30. Rudrapriya: One who is the beloved of Shiva
  31. Sarvadevatman: One who accepts all celestial offerings
  32. Sarvasiddhanta: Bestower of skills and knowledge
  33. Sarvatman: Protector of the universe
  34. Shambhavi: Son of Parvati
  1. Shashivarnam: One who has a moon-like complexion
  2. Shoorpakarna: One who is large-eared
  3. Shuban: The all auspicious Lord
  4. Shubhagunakanan One who is The Master of All Virtues
  5. Shweta: One who is as pure as the white
  6. Siddhidhata: Bestower of accomplishments and successes
  7. Siddhipriya: Giver of wishes and boons
  8. Siddhivinayaka: Bestower of success
  9. Skandapurvaja: Elder of Skanda or Kartikya
  10. Sumukha: One who has an auspicious face
  11. Sureshwaram: The lord of lords
  12. Swaroop: Lover of beauty
  13. Tarun: One who is ageless
  14. Uddanda: The nemesis of evils and vices
  15. Umaputra: The son of Goddess Uma
  16. Vakratunda: One with a curved trunk
  17. Varaganapati: Bestower of boons
  18. Varaprada: One who grants wishes
  19. Varadavinayaka: Bestower of success
  20. Veeraganapati: The vigorous lord
  21. Vidyavaridhi: The God of wisdom
  22. Vighnahara: Remover of obstacles
  1. Vignaharta: Destroyer of all obstacles
  2. Vighnaraja: Lord of all obstacles
  3. Vighnarajendra: Lord of all obstacles
  4. Vighnavinashanaya: Destroyer of all obstacles
  5. Vigneshwara: Lord of all obstacles
  6. Vikat: One who is huge
  7. Vinayaka: The Supreme Lord
  8. Vishwamukha: Master of the universe
  9. Vishwaraja: King of the world
  10. Yagnakaya: One who accepts sacrificial offerings
  11. Yashaskaram: The bestower of fame and fortune
  12. Yashvasin: The beloved and ever popular lord
  13. Yogadhipa: The lord of meditation
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