Names of Professions and Jobs for English Learners

Job Fair
Job Fair. Pamela Moore / Getty Images

Here is a list of some of the most common jobs and professions in English. You'll find example sentences for each word to help provide context for learning. 

Professions and Jobs

accountant - Accountants keep track of how money is earned and spent.
actor - Famous actors make millions of dollars from their films. 
air steward - The air steward served me a beer on my flight to Chicago. 
architect - The architect drew up the blueprints for the building.

assistant - I'll have my assistant get in touch with your assistant to arrange the meeting. 
personal assistant - If you need a personal assistant, you're a very busy person!
shop assistant - Ask the shop assistant for some help.
author - You'd be surprised at how little an author earns for writing a book. 
baker - I bought three loaves from the local baker. 
barman / barmaid / bar person - Could you order a pint for me from the bar person?
builder - The builder finished the home in record time. 
businessman / businesswoman / business person / executive - Executives earn as much two hundred times as much as employees. 
butcher - Could you go to the butcher and get a few steaks?
caretaker - It's important that a caretaker be very empathetic with a family that has lost a loved one. 
chef - The chef prepared a marvelous four course meal.
civil servant - Civil servants work to help the community in various governmental programs.

clerk - Talk to the clerk about depositing a check. 
computer operator / programmer - The computer programmer spent three weeks developing the company database. 
cook - The cook was responsible for simple meals such as hamburgers and bacon and eggs. Cooks are members of the food service industry
decorator - A decorator will come into your house and give you ideas on how to make your home beautiful.

dentist - The dentist explained the root canal procedure to the patient at his dental appointment.
designer - Our designer will completely redo your store with a new look. 
director - The director feels the company needs to change directions. 
company director - Our company director issued the yearly report.
film director - The film director pushed her actors to do almost impossible feats. 
doctor - Do you think I should see a doctor for this cold?
bus / taxi / train driver - The taxi driver picked us up on the corner of 53rd St.
garbageman (refuse collector) - The refuse collector comes around every Friday to pick up the trash. 
economist - An economist studies how different economic systems function. 
editor - The editor of a newspaper must decide which articles to print. 
electrician - We need to call an electrician to come and fix the wiring. 
engineer - There are many different types of engineers who plan projects for our government. 
farmer - The farmer sold his vegetables at the local farmer's market on Saturdays.
fisherman - The fishermen in this area have seen commercial salmon fishing decline over the years. 
fishmonger - Let's go to the fishmonger and buy some fresh halibut.
flight attendant - The flight attendant showed the boy to his seat and help him get settled.

hairdresser - I'm going to the hairdresser to get my hair styled on Friday. 
head teacher - The head teacher is responsible for looking after the welfare of the students. 
jeweler - I bought a diamond engagement ring from the jeweler. 
journalist - The journalist spent two weeks researching the article for the newspaper. 
judge - Judges make serious decisions when sentencing criminals who are found guilty. 
lawyer - A lawyer argues the case before the jury. Lawyers are part of the legal industry.
lecturer - A lecturer must feel comfortable of speaking before crowds of up to 1,000 students. 
manager - A manager takes care of the business arrangements for famous, and not so famous, artists and musicians. 
miner - A miner can spend up to eight hours a day in a tunnel below the earth. 
musician - It's difficult to make a living as a musician playing an instrument.

news reader / news presenter - The news reader presented the facts with a cold stare. 
nurse - Nurses make sure patients' needs are taken care of in hospitals. 
optician - The optician checks your eyesight to see if you need glasses. 
painter - The painter creates beautiful pictures with his brush. 
photographer - A photographer does their best to capture a special instant in time on film. 
pilot - The pilot flew the airplane to the Dallas airport. 
plumber - We had a plumber fix the sink last week. 
police officer - The police officer does their best to make sure that laws are obeyed. 
politician - Politicians represent the voters in congress. 
porter - The porter picked up the suitcases and brought them upstairs. 
printer - I went to the printer to get two hundred brochures printed. 
prison officer / warder - The prison officer has to make sure that prisoners behave. 
receptionist - A receptionist welcomes you as you arrive at an office with the question "How may I help you?"
sailor - A sailor might spend up to ten months a year away from the family out at sea. 
salesman / saleswoman / salesperson - Salespersons are always nice, and they're happy to help you with something you'd like to buy. 
scientist - The scientist might work for years before coming up with the results to an experiment. 
secretary - Nowadays, assistants take the role of what used to be called a secretary. 
soldier - Soldiers are highly disciplined people who know how to follow commands. 
surgeon - Surgeons don't have any problem cutting someone open. It's their job!
tailor - Seek out a tailor if you really want a beautiful new suit. 
teacher - While often underpaid and overworked, teachers educate children that will one day be our future. 
travel agent - I spoke to a travel agent to get this great last minute all-inclusive trip to Hawaii. 
waiter / wait person - Ask the wait person for the menu, I'm starving!
writer / author - The writer wrote a fantastic book about zombies.