Names of Professions and Jobs for English Learners

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All English learners, no matter their age or background, should be familiar with the names for common jobs and professions. Knowing these will help you better communicate in a variety of situations, whether you are traveling, shopping, or simply having a conversation with a new friend. Examples of jobs and professions—and how to use each one in a sentence—appear below.

Arts & Design

Professionals who work in the field of arts and design include architects, who design homes and other buildings; actors, who appear on stage, on TV, and in movies; and writers, who produce poetry, articles, and books. Examples of these professions appear in the following sentences:

  • Actor - Famous actors make millions of dollars from their films.
  • Architect - The architect drew up the blueprints for the building.
  • Designer - Our designer will completely redo your store with a new look. 
  • Editor - The editor of a newspaper must decide which articles to print.
  • Musician - It's difficult to make a living as a musician playing an instrument.
  • Painter - The painter creates beautiful pictures with his brush.
  • Photographer - A photographer does their best to capture a special instant in time on film.
  • Writer - The writer wrote a fantastic book about zombies.


Business is a huge field that includes a diverse range of jobs, from accountants, who keep track of money, to managers, who direct business operations and employees. Positions range from entry-level clerks to highly experienced company directors. Examples of these jobs appear in the following sentences:

  • Accountant - Accountants keep track of how money is earned and spent.
  • Clerk - Talk to the clerk about depositing a check.
  • Company director - Our company director issued the yearly report.
  • Manager - A manager takes care of the business arrangements for famous, and not so famous, artists and musicians.
  • Salesperson - Salespersons are always nice, and they're happy to help you with something you'd like to buy.

Education & Research

One of the most common education careers is teacher, someone who instructs students in a variety of different fields, from science to the arts. Other education careers are more research-driven. Economists, for example, study the economy, while scientists investigate a range of different topics. Examples of these jobs appear in the following sentences:

  • Economist - An economist studies how different economic systems function.
  • Scientist - The scientist might work for years before coming up with the results of an experiment.
  • Teacher - While often underpaid and overworked, teachers educate children that will one day be our future.


One of the largest job fields is the food industry, which encompasses all the jobs involved in the production, preparation, and sale of food, from the farmers who plant and harvest vegetables to the wait staff who end up serving those vegetables in restaurants. Examples of food-related jobs appear in the following sentences:

  • Baker - I bought three loaves from the local baker.
  • Butcher - Could you go to the butcher and get a few steaks?
  • Chef - The chef prepared a marvelous four-course meal.
  • Cook - The cook was responsible for simple meals such as hamburgers and bacon and eggs. Cooks are members of the foodservice industry.
  • Farmer - The farmer sold his vegetables at the local farmer's market on Saturdays.
  • Fisherman - The fishermen in this area have seen commercial salmon fishing decline over the years.
  • Waitperson - Ask the waitperson for the menu, I'm starving!


Healthcare is one of the most important industries and includes life-savers such as doctors and surgeons. It also includes nurses and caretakers, who are responsible for monitoring and assisting individuals with health conditions. Examples of healthcare jobs appear in the following sentences:

  • Caretaker - It's important that a caretaker be very empathetic with a family that has lost a loved one.
  • Dentist - The dentist explained the root canal procedure to the patient at his dental appointment.
  • Doctor - Do you think I should see a doctor for this cold?
  • Nurse - Nurses make sure patients' needs are taken care of in hospitals.
  • Optician - The optician checks your eyesight to see if you need glasses.
  • Surgeon - Surgeons don't have any problem cutting someone open. It's their job!
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