Namiko Abe

Namiko Abe is a Japanese teacher and translator.


Namiko was born and grew up in Japan. In addition to being a native Japanese speaker, she has taught Japanese to children, high school students and at the college level (Japanese levels I and II). She has also worked as a translator for law firms.


Namiko graduated with a degree in English Literature from Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan. She has also studied teaching Japanese as a foreign language through the NAFL Institute. She holds the rank of yon-dan (fourth degree) from the Nihon Shuji (The Japan Calligraphy Education Foundation) and is qualified to teach Japanese calligraphy.

Namiko Abe

This site offers lessons, articles related language and culture, great links to Japanese language resources and more. Many of my lessons are hand written to teach proper stroke order and present the writing in a natural format. I like to help people learn Japanese and put an extra personal touch into my lessons. I will be very happy if my site helps you to understand and enjoy Japanese.

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