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Natalie Gulbis - Calendar Pics
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Natalie Gulbis first gained widespread notice when she released a swimsuit calendar back in 2004. This photo galleries includes some of Gulbis' calendar shots, along with photos of her all dressed up for public appearances, plus other "glamour" poses. More »
Natalie Gulbis - 2005 Chick-Fil-A
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Looking for details about Gulbis' career achievements? This biographical profile focuses on her golf career but includes some personal details as well. More »
Natalie Gulbis at 2005 US Women's Open
Photo by Christopher J. May
In addition to the "glamour shots" gallery mentioned above, we also have photo galleries of Natalie Gulbis on the golf course. On this page, you'll find those galleries indexed. Click to view photos of Gulbis' swing and other on-course images. More »

Original Gulbis Swimsuit Calendar 'Banned' by USGA

Natalie Gulbis - Calendar Pics
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Yes, it's true, the original Natalie Gulbis swimsuit calendar was banned by the USGA, in a manner of speaking.

The calendar was released in 2004 and covered the 2005 calendar year. It featured "glamour shots" of Gulbis, including multiple photos of her in swimsuits. According to Gulbis, the USGA ordered "six or seven" cases of the calendar with plans to offer it in merchandising tents during the 2004 U.S. Women's Open. After all, Gulbis' 2003-for-2004 calendar - which featured only on-course golf shots - had sold out quickly.

But when USGA officials opened those cases and saw that the calendar included some sexy shots of the golfer, they decided to withdraw it from sale during the Women's Open.

The USGA's decision against selling it, however, didn't prevent the calendar from setting sales records. The calendar - and the attention it got - helped turn Gulbis into a major star on the LPGA tour.

Want to see some of the swimsuit pics from the calendar? Of course you do! Go to the Natalie Gulbis Glamour Shots photo gallery, which includes several images from that original calendar.

Finally, A Win for Natalie Gulbis

Natalie Gulbis - 2007 Evian Masters
Photo © Patrick Micheletti; used with permission
Natalie Gulbis' commitment to golf could not be questioned, at least not by anyone who had actually followed her career. She was a dedicated golfer, an intense practicer of the game who was fighting to improve. She was also fighting, for many years, to actually win a tournament.

That first victory finally came on July 29, 2007 at the Evian Masters. Gulbis claimed one of the highest-dollar tournaments on the LPGA Tour. She did it by winning a playoff over Jeong Jang, birdying the first extra hole.

Gulbis was asked in the post-tournament press conference what this first victory means to her. "What does it mean?" she replied. "How long do you have?"

Gulbis was only 22 years old at this point, and it appeared this victory would be the first of many more to come. It hasn't worked out that way. Back problems cropped up, and while Gulbis remains a solid pro who occasionally gets into contention, she hasn't yet been able to add win No. 2.