Near-Death Experiences

Is there life after death? Some of our most compelling evidence for an existence after death comes from people who have had near-death experiences. They have clinically died, or nearly so, and in that time seem to go "somewhere," where they have a variety of remarkable encounters. Here are some of those stories from readers.

Awakened from an NDE

"If felt as if I was falling in a very deep, slumbering, swaying invisible energy, so peaceful and so reassuring. Deep, deep down a very restful place. Suddenly, I heard a loud voice in my inner consciousness...."

Asthma NDE

 "After what seemed like hours, but could only have been minutes, my grandfather said, 'You shouldn't be here. It's not your time yet. You must go back.' Then I felt warm, strong arms gently pushing me back."

Near Death

"It was a scary experience to have lived through. California highway patrol said we all were lucky to be alive, and he didn't know how we survived that wreck."

NDE Gave Me Psychic Powers

"We all had a tale to tell that we would remember for the rest of our lives, but for me the story was just beginning. When I arrived home after the tour I felt strongly that I was protected somehow during the crash..."

Heart Attack NDE

 "Cancer had ravaged her body, and when she died she didn't even look like herself, but now she looked so beautiful and she glowed as if she were radiated. She didn't speak, rather she communicated with me anyway..."

Dream or Something More?

 "I come to this white 'place' and there are some beings there. (I'd say there were about 20.) These beings have no bodies, as you might have guessed by now. They look like concentrated energies, but I know they're beings because they're waiting to greet me...."

Fever Dream or NDE

"I pulled upon a hole and could see that bright area in the fog at the end of the cloud. I saw a white shape there and it moved toward me. It didn't move like the other shapes, this one glided steadily...." 

Grandfather's Near-Death Experience

"As he reported to my mother, he died during this surgery. He didn't experience a tunnel of light, but he did float upward out of his body to the ceiling...."

Drowning NDE

 "At some point, I finally gave in to the battle I was losing. All of a sudden, my body was no longer craving a breath. I did not need to breathe anymore, and with that, the panic stopped...."

Heaven's Gates

 "With a sudden whoosh, it was like I was on a super-fast elevator going up through a tunnel. Ahead only darkness, when suddenly there was a very bright dim light far away but very close straight ahead of me...."

Near-Death Experience

"When she started to get closer to him, he heard a voice say to him, 'Turn around and go back. It is not your time to go yet'..."

NDE and the Meaning of Life

"It was as if I had stepped through my eyelids. I sat up and was in awe at how clear everything appeared. I had worn glasses or contacts my entire life so I was amazed at the sharpness of my room around me and the vividness of the colors. I could perceive an energy surrounding everything..." 

Near-Life Experience

"My grandmother told her that she intervened in what she called a near-life experience and saved my life with her message...." 

NDE in a Car

 "I remember thinking how strange it was that I was up here when my body was still on the car seat! I also noticed that I didn't feel bad anymore. Then I saw my grandmother who had died 15 years earlier of a long and cruel illness...."

NDE into Space

 "After I came out of my blank state, I found myself floating above my house about 50 feet in the air rapidly ascending upward. I had another blackout and the next thing I knew I was in space looking at the Earth in its entirety...."

NDE at the Beach

"All of a sudden, I was talking with my grandfather, who had passed away when I was five years old. He told me, 'I didn't think you were supposed to be here yet'...."

On the Ledge of the Abyss

"I was given the last rites by a priest as my life hung in the balance. Whilst unconscious, I found myself in an underground tunnel with metal doors on each side...."

Place of White and Gold

 "It was as if the scenery was rolling by me. I felt a great sense of wonderment, like I was somewhere very special that not a lot of people get to see...."


 "The thoughts in my mind were very prominent in the void. The only sound being my thoughts made the void very lonely. Without the distractions, you can hear yourself very well...."

Return from Hell

 "Then Frank told him that he was in hell, and he had come to take Al back with him. Al said he screamed and ran out of the house. He didn't go back for a week...."

Six-Year-Old's NDE

"In the ambulance I died and had an NDE. I found myself floating with my legs together and my arms out in a T formation. My hair was light and floating like I was underwater, but I wasn't in water...."