Transiting Neptune in Aquarius

What Moves the Whole

Colin Anderson / Getty Images.

Neptune was in Aquarius from 1998 to 2012, and coincided with the rise of cloud computing. We saw the rise of virtual communities, and also the use of Avatars, a kind of online mask.

Neptune's trends in Aquarius had to do with innovations that made the planet seem small and connected.   

As of 2012, Neptune is in Pisces, the last sign, and one of psychic sensitivity, and the imagination.

The planet Neptune is a force that moves through the collective, but also envelops it.

Some keywords for Neptune are illusion, mass manipulation, "spiritualized" love, ecstatic devotion, dissolution of boundaries, and the imagination.

This transit saw an exponential growth of art using technology.

High Tech Wonders

Neptune has been in Aquarius since 1988 and will stay in this sign until 2012. (Take note: Neptune will dip into the waters of Pisces from April 4th to August 4th, 2011.)

This puts a mystical-imaginal spin on areas that are ruled by Aquarius. Some imaginative uses of technology, like those in movies, have brought down the barriers of time. The past looks more real, with special effects projected on blue screens that blend with more traditional 3D filmmaking.

There's also a theme of parallel worlds and dimensions. Neptune in Aquarius brings into culture the idea that we're multi-dimensional and have lived many lives. It popularizes energy medicine and astrology, as a way to understand cycles of time.

Coming Together

New technologies allow us to have virtual meet-ups and talk via Skype, while seeing the other person's face on the computer screen. The vision of the future that I grew up watching on The Jetsons is here!

The internet has become a way for groups to spontaneously form and act as a unified whole.

Neptune in Aquarius brings kindred spirits together to champion different causes, as "dream teams" that may only exist for a short while, for a specific cause. The internet makes it possible for global networks to form, and to spread word as quickly as you can say it. It truly reflects the fiery electricity of Uranus-ruled Aquarius meeting the heart of the collective (Neptune).

Don't forget that Uranus is the higher-octave of Mercury, the planet of communication.

Rebellions of the Heart

In this period, we've seen the largest gatherings for peace ever witnessed on the planet. After the trauma of Sept 11th, the global heart came to a standstill, and was shared in a moment of silence. This was repeated in global events, with spontaneous vigils and a cry for a higher truth to clear the clouds of deceit obscuring them.

Since Neptune dissolves, this transit also causes some groups to fade away. New groups form based on shared purpose or belief.

The Dark Side

Every influence has the potential to evoke negative effects, as well as positive. What competes with the finer vibes of Neptune, is it's use as a tool of deception.

Technology is used to shape mass perception, with manipulated news images.

It's well known that mind control techniques are being used in everything from launching a new product to launching pre-emptive war. It's a time to exercise caution, and to know that things are not always as they seem.

Get more clues reading about the Dark Side of Aquarius.

Conspiracies, Paranoia and Crazy-Talk

Technology brings a higher level of misinformation and even trickery, which can result in mass confusion. 

Part of Neptune in Aquarius, however, is the ability to sense a matrix behind events. This has led to a rise in research about conspiracies in a quest for a higher truth. There's a huge interest in secret societies, symbols, the occult and questions about whether there are below-the-radar force manipulating the consciousness of the masses.