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Submitted by: emma

Come on Pathers
Beat those Redskins
(repeat x3)

Submitted by: Danielle

Strawberry Shortcake, Banana Split
We think your team plays like-
Shift it to the left,
Shift to the right,

Submitted by: RedHurley069

Red Hot, Our team is red hot,
Our team is... R-E-D, red, H-O-T
and once we start, we can't be stopped!

Red hot red, red, red, hot..whoo!
(repeat 3x)

Submitted by: Captain M.J.H.

Everyone: (clap) alright, alright, alright (clap)
Everyone: M.J.H. (clap) alright, alright, alright (clap)
* X3

Submitted by: Irishtiger

This cheer is a Mount cheer:
While clapping repeat:
We're going to the top, going straight to the top,
Going up, going up, going up.
(repeat but go into a mount)

Submitted by: Sam and Amy

Hey what
Hey Hey What
Show me how you get down
No Way
Show me how you get down
I stomp my feet,
I boogie to the beat,
I turn around,
I touch the ground,
I wiggle it just a little bit..
One More time,
Wiggle it just a little bit

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