Golf Accessories: The Latest in Goodies for the Course

What's new in the world of golf accessories? That's what we're here to discuss. Accessorizing one's golf game means things such as golf gloves, rain gear, apps and gadgets, apparel, grips and shafts, caps and umbrellas, and other goodies for the greens.

Golf bags and golf shoes are the "big two" in golf accessories, and you can check out New Golf Shoes and New Golf Bags (which includes push carts) on their own, dedicated pages.

The items we spotlight here are the latest accessories arriving in golf shops - stuff large and small that doesn't fall into any of the other categories listed on our Golf Equipment page. And when new stuff of note is announced or released, we add it to the top. Let's get accessorizing:

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Precision Pro Golf NX7 Shot Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Shot Rangefinder
Precision Pro Golf

Precision Pro Golf calls its NX7 Shot Rangefinder a first-of-it-kind: It's a "crossover" rangefinder, designed to work both on the golf course and on hunting trips.

Inside a camo design, the NX7 Shot Rangefinder has a Target Acquisition Mode to pick up the flagstick. Its golf functions are considered its first priority. And in Last Priority Hunting Mode, the rangefinder provides readings to the target in crowded areas where branches may cause line of site issues. The Scanning Mode feature works well for both as the user can scan multiple targets in one motion.

The MSRP is $249. For more info, see

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Shot Scope V2 GPS Golf Watch

Shot Scope V2 GPS Golf Watch
Shot Scope

The Shot Scope V2 is a golf watch that combines GPS with performance tracking features. The pre-order price is $210, the retail price $250.

The V2 has three modes, GPS, Pro and GPS+Track. In GPS and GPS+Track modes, distances are displayed to the front, middle and back of each green from the golfer's position. In Pro and GPS+Track modes, performance tracking is activated and automatically tracks more than 100 stats in five categories: clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting.

For more info, visit

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Antigua Summer 2017 Men's Apparel

Vivid golf shirt from Antigua men's summer 2017 collection
An abstract chest print over a solid base color is the design of the Vivid top. Antigua Group

The Antigua apparel brand has debuted its Summer 2017 Men's Fashion Golf Collection. And what's in it? A vibrant color palette in six new shirt/top designs.

Varying yarn sizes give the Hologram shirt the illusion of contrasting shades. The Drive shirt has a white base on which color stripes appear unpatterned.

The Unite has varying stripe sizes, but in a consistent pattern. The Revive has a 2-color, rugby-stripe pattern. And the Vivid shirt uses a solid base color on top of which is an abstract chest print.

The collection also includes the Vista, a half-zip pullover. For more info, visit

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Puma Autumn Winter 2017 Apparel

Rickie Fowler wears Puma Golf AW'17 apparel
Cobra-Puma Golf

"Evoknit" is the big news in Puma Golf's AW'17 Collection (that stands for Autumn Winter 17) of golf apparel.

What is Evoknit? It is, the brand states, "a knitted design that utilizes body mapped ventilation, strategically placed rib panels and seamless engineering for unrestricted range of motion."

It's also moisture-wicking and designed for comfort and breathability.

The AW'17 line includes pieces for men, women and junior golfers, plus accessories and footwear. In the outerwear, PWRWARM Extreme uses a synthetic insulation and microfibers to trap body heat and repel water. See the website for more info.

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Antigua Spring 2017 Men's Windwear Collection

Antigua Tour wind shirt pullover
The Antigua Tour, part of the brand's 2017 Spring windwear collection. The Antigua Group

The 2017 Spring men's windwear collection from the Antigua brand ( is topped by the Advance, a long sleeve, half-zip pullover. It's a windshirt that also offers some waterproofing from a light rain. The Advance has a pocket to the side of the placket, hand pockets, plus adjustable sleeve cuffs and waistband.

Also in the collection are the Tour, a short-sleeve pullover windshirt; and the Conquer, a sleeveless companion piece to the Tour.

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Arccos Caddie AI Golf System

Arccos Caddie artificial intelligence golf system
Arccos Golf

If you're like most golfers, you've never used a caddie. Only a small percentage of golfers ever have the benefit of a professional caddie's expertise, and those that do really do (most of the time) benefit. Most of us, for example, overestimate how far we hit our golf shots.

The Arccos Caddie brings artificial intelligence to the golf course, and makes caddie services - or at least a variety of caddie - available to the masses.

The company describes it this way:

"Arccos Caddie leverages the golf industry’s richest data set – over 61 million shots hit by the Arccos community, as well as precise elevation data and 386 million geotagged data points on more than 40,000 courses. It also accounts for weather conditions, including forecasted wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature and more. The platform can be used by anyone, on nearly any hole in the world, regardless of whether a golfer has previously played the course."

For more info about how it works, visit, or check out a video on Vimeo. The platform officially launched May 22, 2017.

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Roll-In Bag Buddy

Roll-In Bag Buddy
Roll-In Products, LLC

Want to make your shag bag self-serve, no bending required?

The Roll-In Bag Buddy is a golf accessory for picking up balls on the practice green. Roll it along the ground - yes, even on a putting surface - and it collects your golf balls.

It doesn't leave scuff marks or plug marks, and comes with a long handle that lets it slide down into a golf bag. It's priced at $59.99.

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Loudmouth Spring 2017 Collection

Loudmouth Golf Spring 2017 collection
Yep, that's loud. Loudmouth Golf

Loudmouth Golf ( is the apparel brand that really lives up to its name. The company's 2017 Spring line includes nine new patterns.

The three patterns in the image are named (from left) Pink Flamingos, Mint Julep and Crystals. Others carry the names Tiki Bar Blue, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Shank!, Raspberry Surebet, Lanai and Disco Balls White. None of them are for golfers who want to keep a low profile.

Although the image shows only shorts, the collection comes in men's and women's silhouettes; the shorts are included in the company's made-to-order shop along with pants, mini-shorts, capris, skorts, sport coats and vests.

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Flat Cat Solution by Lamkin Putter Grip

Fat Cat Solution by Lamkin putter grip
Lamkin Golf

Is your putting plagued by the yips? You have our sympathies. And you might want to try a new putter grip from Flat Cat Golf and Lamkin.

Endorsed by Hank Haney, the Flat Cat Solution by Lamkin is a putter grip that is designed to work in two ways:

  • Its flat surfaces help square the golfer's hands and arms to the putter face;
  • and - the innovation in this grip - it adds weight to the bottom of the putter grip, below the hands, mimicking the feel of a heavier putter head.

Heavier putter heads and counterbalancing are all the rage in putters the past few years. The Flat Cat Solution grip is a way to achieve the feel and, the companies involved promise, the results: getting rid of those yips. That heavier feel helps golfers create more of a pure pendulum stroke, a smoother stroke with greater stability.

At the time of writing, this putter grip is priced at $49.99 on the Flat Cat Golf website.

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Galvin Green C-Knit Backer Rainwear

Galvin Green C-Knit Backer Rainwear
Galvin Green

First worn by the 2016 European Ryder Cup team, the C-Knit Backer collection of rainwear by Galvin Green is ready for retail.

The rain gear is built on ultralight, three-layer stretch Gore-Tex fabric made in Japan. The Sweden-based company, Galvin Green, says this outerwear provides complete waterproofness, while maintaining breathability and a "soft hand" (it feels soft to the touch).

There are three pieces in the initial C-Knit Backer range:

  • The Argon full-zip jacket and Aldrin half-zip jacket, both with high collars and zipped cuffs;
  • and the Arn rainpants with elastic waistband and long leg waterproof zipped openings at the back.

The pieces are manufactured based on pre-ordering and available only in a limited number of stores (mostly green grass pro shops). The company website includes a list of such retailers.