New Golf Drivers: Let These Big Dogs Eat

What are the latest big sticks showing up in golf shops? Let's take a look at new golf drivers on the market (or coming soon). We add new drivers as we hear about them, so keep an eye on the top of the page for the latest.

Fourteen Golf DT-112

Fourteen Golf DT-112 driver
The DT-112 driver by Fourteen Golf. Fourteen Golf

Fourteen Golf is a brand originally established in Japan in 1981 (browse Fourteen Golf clubs on Amazon), and one that continues designing higher-end models today. Its latest driver is the DT-112, whose combination of a newly designed high-tech face and long, thin shaft promise, according to the company, distance and accuracy.

The MD350ZD graphite shaft is ultrathin and 47 inches long, an inch above "normal" in today's market. The LD433+ titanium used for the clubface is being used in a golf club for the first time, Fourteen Golf says (it is used in the engines of premium race cares).

The flight characteristics of the DT-112 driver is a low-spin, penetrating ball flight.

On the Fourteen Golf website, the DT-112 driver is listed at $600.  It comes in lofts of 9 and 10.5 degrees, right-handed only.

XXIO Prime

XXIO Prime driver
2017 model XXIO Prime driver. XXIO

XXIO, the premium Japanese brand, has launched the 2017 models of its Prime lineup of clubs (browse XXIO drivers on Amazon), topped by the Prime Driver.

The XXIO Prime Driver is the ninth-generation of XXIO driver to carry that name. It has a luxurious look with a golden sole, and boasts a lightweight, distance-focused design.

The center of gravity position is lower and deeper than in previous models, and the MOI is higher, which means more forgiveness on sub-prime contact. Additionally, the "Sole Channel Structure," a slot in the sole just behind the clubface, allows for more face flex at impact.

New in this year's model is the XXIO Prime SP-000 graphite shaft, which is two grams lighter in weight than the shaft in the previous model despite being longer - 46 inches. (The grip has also been lightened.) The shaft tip design and clubhead shaping (more thickness in the heel area) also promote a draw bias.

The XXIO Prime Driver comes in lofts of 10.5 and 11.5 degrees, righthanded only, and is priced at $849.99.

Tour Edge Exotics EX10

Tour Edge Exotics EX10 driver
Tour Edge Exotics EX10 driver. Tour Edge Golf

The Exotics EX10 adjustable driver is the latest big stick offering from Tour Edge (browse Amazon for Exotics drivers). One of the new design features is a larger face plate - which enlarges the sweet spot - made possible through the use of a thinner, lighter material. The face is also designed in such a way to offer more forgiveness on shots struck toward the heel or toe.

Among the adjustable features is a center-rear sole weight to increase the MOI and dial in one's preferred swingweight (the EX10 comes with a 10-gram weight in the port, but additional weights are available in a kit).

The stated lofts are 10 and 12 degrees, but those are adjustable up to two degrees higher or lower through the adjustable hosel.

Stock shaft options include the Aldila Rogue Max Series, Graphite Design Tour AD50 and Mitsubishi Bassara E-Series. The MSRP for the Exotics EX10 driver is $349.99.

Bridgestone TourB Series

Bridgestone TourB XD-5 driver
Bridgestone TourB XD-5 driver. Bridgestone Golf

Bridgestone Golf's TourB Series is a premium, limited-issue set of clubs topped by three models of driver:

  • TourB XD-3 model: 455cc clubhead size, round shape with deep face to promote a medium launch, neutral shot shape.
  • TourB XD-5 model: 460cc head, flatter, shallow-face design to promote a high-launching draws.
  • TourB XD-7 model: 445cc head, classic pear shape that encourages low launching, fade-biased shot shape.

All three models include adjustable hosels that allow for eight different combinations of face angle and lie angle. A set of interchangeable weights also comes with each driver to affect shot shape and trajectory.

Stock shaft options include premium offerings from the likes of Mitsubishi Diamana, Fujikura, UST Mamiya and Aldila. Availability begins in mid-Spring and the drivers will be priced at $699 (browse Bridgestone drivers on Amazon).

The Vertical Groove Driver

Vertical Groove driver
Vertical Groove driver. Vertical Golf

In most ways, the Vertical Groove Driver is just like any other driver: Same driver shape, same driver size (450cc clubhead, to be exact), commonly used materials (titanium head). Available in multiple lofts: 9.5 degrees, 10.5 degrees, 12 degrees.

But the secret to its difference isn't much of a secret at all, given that it's right there in the driver's name. Vertical grooves, which you can see in the photo: Grooves that run up and down the driver face, rather than across.

What's the point? The company explains: "VGT (vertical groove technology) encourages more forward rotation than clubs with horizontal grooves, even when the head of the driver is slicing across the ball. This increases accuracy when compared to clubs with horizontal grooves."

To put it in plain English, the company says vertical grooves help golfers hit their drives straighter.

And if you're wondering, yes, the Vertical Driver is conforming. It's available in left- and right-handed models and is currently selling on the Vertical Groove Golf website ( for $399.99.