New Inventions - Advice, Tutorials, and Tips

Be a smart inventor and a smarter consumer.

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Get educated in the whole process of how invention submission works for new inventions. Learn basic lessons on how to potentially turn new ideas into money-making new inventions.

Guides for Beginners on New Inventions

Intellectual property can be tough to understand. Understand the basics first - the what does that mean questions - and the rest will follow.

Instructions on Registration & Applications for New Inventions

The basics on registering, using and protecting intellectual property. Did you know that many of the pages for a patent application have to made by you from scratch, that they are no fill in the blanks type of forms? Did you know that you can file online for intellectual property protection?

Tips and Instructions on Drawings and Illustrations

Your patent application will most likely require drawings.
Not "art class" drawings, but specific types of drawings (maybe photographs) that are made in a certain way, with the different parts of your invention numbered, and with different views. When you apply for a trademark, even with a word trademark there is a certain kind of illustration that you must submit.
  • Tips on Making Drawings for a patent application

Doing Business

Trying to sell your invention or go into business for yourself

Articles on the Experience of Creating New Inventions

The following articles are more personable and are the point of view of successful inventors.

Invention Submission Gone Wrong

What happens when you go to the wrong people and expect them to do everything for you.

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