Capricorn New Moon - Dec 28th, 2016

Sinking In

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The Capricorn New Moon during these twelve days of Yule to January first, is a profoundly renegerative one.  It's also a farewell from me from the site, and that's an ending in sync with Saturn (Capricorn's ruler), Winter and the natural cycles of death and rebirth.

The New Moon in Capricorn is on Tuesday, December 28th, at 11:53 pm, which tips it over into December 29th for other time zones (London GMT is 6:53 am).

  And it's at 8 degrees, so look where it falls for your Capricorn New Moon in the Houses forecast.

This Yuletide, I decided to fully revel in the twelve days, and honor the Sun's growing strength by sitting in the garden each day.  To me, the solstices and equinoxes are the most significant times of the solar year.  And it makes sense with simple Yuletide rites, to celebrate the Sun as it grows, and respect it as the lifegiver.     

It's a time of profound change for me personally, as goes through its restructuring.  So that means my time is ending on this site, but I can be found for now at

I'll likely write more about my vision there, and I have hints of getting back to basics.  Less abstract, and more harmonized with what's happening right there in the immediate environment, the real.

That is a very earth-sign sensing way of engaging.  And it's a way of getting away from fitting yourself into a set matrix, and back to a more organic flow.

  Stay tuned to Wildbeegrove for posts on that. 


In the meantime, I like this word regeneration for the Capricorn New Moon, since Pluto the revealer is close to the luminaries.  It seems the mode of our times is shock, to jumpstart change or grab someone's attention. 

But with Capricorn, and Pluto's side of the equation, we find sanity and real hope in the promise of regeneration.

  Working with natural forces, instead of against them.  Aligning with our own authentic nature, rather than against it. 

Take your time and listen. If there are riches and revelations, in the quiet of this new Moon, you may start to see its shadowy form.

Stability and Sustenance

Capricorn is a sign of patience, earth-wisdom, dignity and deliberate action. There's a need to settle into a well thought out life-structure that leads to achievement.

The ambition and authority of Capricorn come out of a desire to fully cultivate, and then share, the natural gifts within. 

Experiment with listening to nature, and seeing yourself as part of it, not outside it.  Capricorn reminds us of the beauty of ancestral lineages, as strands of nature with their unique genetic signatures.  This can be a source of power for each of us, even as this uniqueness is under threat, by those who would dilute us all in a monocultural melting pot. 

What have you inherited from your ancetral line?  This is one of the best times of the year to honor your forebears who gave you life. 

Capricorn is a sign that stands firmly rooted in a tradition or area of knowledge, on the path to mastery. It's a good time to ponder where your true talents lie.

How will you make your mark?  What kinds of skills, training, real-world experience, education, etc. do you need to be confident as an authority?

Mysterious Capricorn

There's something enigmatic about Capricorn, and its cavernous depths. In Egyptian and Babylonian symbology, Capricorn was the sea-goat, a creature of both land and water.

While known for its sure-footed climbs up mountains, it's a sign seemingly tuned into the collective depths, and underwater ravines. There's very little that escapes this Cardinal earth sign's awareness, including the accumulated melancholy of the ages. If it appears slow and methodical, that's because its holistic nature needs time. This new Moon encourages goals that draw your whole self in -- mind, body and spirit. It's time to think in terms of a life mission, with daily actions that support your unfolding destiny.

Capricorn's horn became the cornucopia, or Horn of Plenty, with earth's abundance spilling out. The cardinal earth sign is one of wealth, coming from slow, steady empire building, rather than overnight success. Again, be patient and start where you are.

This New Moon encourages the dreamer to become a full-fledged doer, taking small steps to achieve big goals. Other planetary energies will infuse your plodding with flashes of insight. But this New Moon, rich rewards come from tending to your foundation, as the solid, fertile ground of your destiny.

However, just as with Yule and the growing Sun, the time of the darkness is for gestation.  It's a time of sourcing the seeds that will grow with the coming light. 

1. Source: God Herself: The Feminine Roots of Astrology; Geraldine Thorston, Hearst Books, 1980.

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