New Photo - Blue Spirit Light

Photo: John

You know how I feel about orb photos by now... but this one is different, because it isn't an orb in the common sense. This glowing blue light, as John explains below, was seen with the naked eye before being photographed. Could this be a true spirit light, or some other strange phenomena?

"I have been following the orb debate and have found that most orbs are camera artifacts, dust, snow, or rain," says John.

"But no one ever gets a photo of real spirit lights -- that is what I was told they were many years ago -- that glow on their own.

"I have seen the lights a few times long ago, but now after my mother-in-law passed away, I have seen a blue glowing 'orb' / light coming out of where we keep her ashes urn. My wife has seen it here and my sister-in-law has seen the same thing at her house, too. It is small and bright, moves around as if it knows not to bump into things, and sometimes goes out the window, maybe to my sister-in-law's house.

"A few months ago, I was at a local haunted building taking pictures and saw the same sort of thing and got a photo of it before it got away. I was stunned to see that I have finally captured one."

Another possibility for this glowing orb is that it is some form of ball lightning, perhaps somehow produced by the home's electrical system. Ball lightning has been known to move around, just as John describes above, as if it has an awareness or a kind of intelligence.