New Years Resolution Lesson Plan

A Reflective and Positive Way to Start the Month of January

Teacher helping students in classroom
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When you return from winter vacation in early January, it's the perfect time to teach your students how to reflect upon the past year and prepare for a positive, fresh start to the new year. Writing New Years resolutions together is an educational group activity that will inspire your students to be their best while practicing writing skills at the same time.
  • Ask for a show of hands of who has heard of New Years resolutions before. Furthermore, how many students have already practiced making (and trying to keep) resolutions?
  • To make sure everyone is on the same page, introduce the concept of New Years resolutions and how it comes from the word "resolve". Discuss how adults often find them challenging to keep, so it's important to make your resolutions positive, concrete, and realistic. Tell the students that resolutions are like promises that you make to yourself.
  • Model resolutions for your students by showing them a few examples of your own. Discuss how you will monitor your success on keeping the resolutions. Workshop (with your students' input) how to come up with appropriate resolutions.
  • Allow your students time to practice writing a set number of resolutions of their own (for school, home, other areas of life, etc.) You may want to offer younger students a template to use for this writing task. For example, When I am at ___________, I resolve to ___________ because ___________.
  • Give the students an opportunity to share a few of their resolutions with the rest of the class. Model offering encouragement to each other.
  • You can also have your students create accompanying illustrations for their resolutions, visualizing themselves accomplishing their goals. The illustrated resolutions will make a darling bulletin board display for the classroom, while providing visual reminders for the students to work toward their goals.