Profile of Nick Fallon

Blake Berris as Nick Fallon. Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2008 NBC Universal

Portrayed by:

Blake Berris (November 6, 2006 - January 15, 2009)

Previous Addresses:

  • Leased an apartment in Salem
  • Mickey and Maggie Horton's House

Past Occupations:

  • Lab Technician at Salem University Hospital
  • Professor at Salem University


  • Joshua Fallon (father)
  • Jessica Blake Fallon (mother)

Other Relatives:

  • Alex Marshall (maternal grandfather)
  • Marie Horton (maternal grandmother)
  • John Talbot (paternal grandfather)
  • Sunny Chisholm (paternal grandmother, deceased)
  • Tom Horton Sr. (maternal great-grandfather, deceased)
  • Alice Grayson Horton (maternal great-grandmother)
  • Tommy Horton Jr. (maternal great-uncle)
  • Addie Horton (maternal great-aunt, deceased)
  • Mickey Horton (maternal great-uncle)
  • Julie Olson Williams (maternal first cousin)
  • Hope Williams Brady (maternal first cousin)
  • Melissa Horton (maternal first cousin via adoption)
  • Sarah Horton (maternal first cousin via adoption)
  • Mike Horton (maternal first cousin)
  • Jeremy Horton (maternal second cousin)
  • Jennifer Horton Devereaux (maternal first cousin)
  • Lucas Roberts (maternal first cousin)

Best Friend:

Max Brady


  • Billie Reed (one-night stand)
  • Chelsea Brady (dated, lovers)
  • China Lee (married, annulled)
  • Melanie Layton (kissed, stalked)

Crimes Committed:

  • Stole a blank lab report from the hospital.
  • Stole Chelsea’s incriminating hairbrush from the lab.
  • Produced a fake DNA test proving E.J. DiMera fathered Sami Brady's twins.
  • Harboring a fugitive (Jeremy Horton)
  • Broke into Ford Decker's dorm room and obtained illegal evidence against him as the campus rapist.
  • Killed Trent Robbins.
  • Stalked and terrorized Melanie Layton.

Character Description

Nick Fallon came to town in an effort to better acquaint himself with his Horton relatives.

He became fast friends with his second cousin Abby and instantly smitten with the angry and rebellious Chelsea Brady, despite her harsh treatment of him. Nevertheless, he was intrigued and found her wild and dangerous nature exciting.

Nick soon landed a job at Salem University Hospital as a lab technician and found an antidote which helped saved Dr. Kayla Johnson, who was poisoned by a rare biological toxin.

Chelsea initially thought of Nick as nothing more than a loser and a geek, so Nick got rid of his glasses and traded in his nerdy wardrobe for a more updated look. He created an online identity named Lonely Splicer and began instant messaging Chelsea, AKA Angry Angel, in an attempt to get to know her better. Chelsea was oblivious that Nick and Lonely Splicer were actually the same person. Aware that Nick had a crush on her, she used Nick and took advantage of him, asking him to find out Lonely Splicer’s real name. Nick made up the name Shane Patton and emailed Chelsea a picture of his boss, Dr. Rebert. Chelsea became convinced that Shane Patton was the love of her life.

On New Year’s Day in 2007, Nick came over to Chelsea’s house to meet with her but encountered an intoxicated and distressed Billie instead.

Feeling alone, the two ended up making love. Both lived to regret it and swore never to tell Chelsea.

Nick and Chelsea eventually became good friends and even went to Canada together to help Shawn and Belle, who were on the run from Philip Kiriakis. This adventure brought them closer and it seemed as though Chelsea was actually falling for Nick. Their closeness was brought to an abrupt halt when she discovered that he was Lonely Splicer all along. Chelsea was heartbroken by his deception and never wanted to see him again. Nick was crushed because by now he was truly in love with Chelsea.

Chelsea soon landed a job at the hospital lab as a lab assistant, unaware that Dr. Rebert was a pervert who targeted young women. Nick saved Chelsea from getting raped by Dr. Rebert and she forgave him. The two teamed up and exposed Dr. Rebert.

Nick then began tutoring her in calculus. The two were on the verge of a meaningful relationship when Chelsea finally learned the awful truth that her boyfriend and her mother previously slept together. She was devastated and cut both Nick and Billie out of her life.

Soon afterwards, a pregnant Sami came to Nick and asked him to falsify an amnio report naming Lucas as the father to her baby. Nick reluctantly agreed to give her a blank lab report. When Chelsea was suspected of setting fire to Bo and Hope’s house, Nick stole her incriminating hairbrush from the lab. Chelsea and Nick rekindled their romance after he decided to stand by her.

Feeling sorry for a pregnant Willow Stark, Nick offered to help her out by giving her money and finding her a place to live. She took advantage of Nick’s good nature and blackmailed him, threatening to expose his part in swiping the hairbrush from the lab. She then broke into his bedroom and discovered the hairbrush, threatening to turn him in if he didn’t hand over his assets. Nick met her at the beach one night per her demands. A struggle for the hairbrush ensued, and Willow hit her head on the log and died. Chelsea stood by Nick as he was cleared of any wrongdoing in her death.

Nick and Chelsea finally made love for the first time, but the experience was less than thrilling for Chelsea. Soon afterwards, Nick was blackmailed by Kate Roberts into producing a fake DNA report stating that EJ is the father of Sami’s twins. Otherwise, she’d report his stolen hairbrush scheme. Feeling tormented, Nick produced a blank lab report stating that EJ was the biological father. He vowed to run a real DNA test on his own.

Nick soon discovered that Lucas was the real father of Sami's twins, and rushed over to Lucas and Sami's apartment to reveal the truth. He found a ticking bouquet of flowers and pushed Sami back into the apartment, saving her life. Unfortunately, he suffered a concussion and temporary amnesia. He rushed off to las Vegas to find Chelsea.

Nick found Chelsea sharing a close moment with Jett Carver by the hot tub in Vegas. She gave him the cold shoulder and brushed him off. Nick soon won $50,000 in the casino and gave Chelsea an impromptu proposal. She turned him down flat. Nick encountered a beautiful temptress named China Lee and married her, although he didn't remember the wedding due to his concussion.

Nick and Chelsea soon made up again, but then China Lee demanded $25,000 for an annulment. Nick gambled a small amount of money he cashed in through a life insurance policy, but lost. China Lee let him off the hook, but was soon arrested for soliciation. Thus, Nick was stuck with his two stepsons, Artemis and DeMarquette. Not wanting to put them in foster care, Nick decided to do the honorable thing and take care of them for 30 days while China Lee served her sentence.

Chelsea unfortunately dumped him, claiming he couldn't have a relationship with her if he chose to take in the two boys.

Nick felt devastated by Chelsea dumping him for good and partially blamed it on Jett Carver. He eventually bonded with his stepsons and proved he was quite capable of being a loving and responsible father. Chelsea realized how responsible and caring Nick was to the boys and renewed her friendship with Nick, although he yearned for more.

Jeremy came to Nick desperate for a place to hide from the cops. Nick reluctantly gave in. One night a man named Umar Abboud came to Nick's place looking for the boys. Nick protected them from the suspicious man, who warned Nick that the boys were the son of a powerful man overseas and that their lives were in danger. When Umar accosted him and demanded the boys, Jeremy came to the rescue and scared Umar away.

Nick came to Chelsea's rescue when she was kidnaped and taken hostage by someone demanding Artemis and Demarquette.

Ironically, Umar came to rescue them both and announced that the boys' lives were no longer in danger, and they could return to their country. Nick shared an emotional good-bye with the two kind and well-mannered young boys whom he had grown to love. Chelsea came to her senses and realized that she did indeed love Nick.

They reconciled and renewed their relationship.

Chelsea recruited Nick's help in seeking evidence against Ford Decker, who was accused as the campus rapist. He reluctantly assisted her in breaking into Ford's dorm room and took pictures of incriminating evidence. Since the evidence was obtained illegally, they weren't able to use it. Little did Nick know that Chelsea and the sorority girls lured Ford to the Alpha Chi Theta house, where Ford fell down the stairs to his death after being pushed by Chelsea.


Chelsea confessed the awful truth to Nick regarding Ford's death. Surprisingly, Nick declared that he wanted nothing to do with the cover-up. He issued her an ultimatum: unless she came clean to the cops, he would end their relationship. Nick continued to keep the truth from a suspicious Billie and Chelsea finally did the honorable thing and fessed up to the cops.

Nick and Chelsea were able to put the Ford Decker incident behind them. The two soon began to slowly drift apart after she was distraught over her ill father Bo Brady and he applied for an alternative fuel research grant. Nick confronted his best friend Max over tearing a page out of his notebook. Unbeknownst to Nick, Max had altered his calculations.

Nick was busy working on his grant, but took time to visit Chelsea in the hospital when she donated a portion of her pancreas to help her ailing father. Little did Nick know that Chelsea was falling for the new doctor in town, Dr. Daniel Jonas.

Nick received his grant and shared the news with his friends. Soon afterwards, Nick met Daniel at the Java Cafe and marked his territory where Chelsea was concerned. Chelsea was soon rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a severe secondary infection as a result of her recent surgery. Nick stood by her and still professed his unconditional love even after she told him the devastating news that she was no longer able to have children.

Soon after Chelsea was released from the hospital, Nick sensed her distant behavior towards him. He went to the Brady Pub and spilled beer all over his grant papers.

Little did he know that Max stayed up all night working on his papers, then mailed them in to the administration office at Salem University. Nick was heartbroken when Chelsea broke up with him, but assured her that he still wanted her to be happy.

Stephanie finally confessed to Nick that Max redid his work for him and had her send it to the dean. Nick berated his friend for his actions, predicting that his grant would be rescinded. He confronted Max and demanded his papers back, suspecting that Max was more of a genius than he let on. Nick ultimately received his funding for his grant project. During this time, Nick and Stephanie became better friends and she expressed how much she thought of him.

A celebration at Chez Rouge was held in Nick's honor, where the new dean of the physics department at Salem University, Trent Robbins, presented Nick with a check to go towards building his alternative fuel prototype. It didn't take long for Nick to finally realize that Max altered his work. A betrayed Nick announced to Dean Robbins that he was giving all the grant money back, since Max deserved the credit. The dean implored Nick, however, to review the changes which Max made to his proposal, and if he still felt the same way they would revisit the conversation.

Nick made amends with Max and encouraged him to go back to school and make use of his God-given talents. After Max headed to France in search of his half sister, Nick saw a video blog of Melanie Layton and realized that she was Max's sister. He soon headed to France and found Melanie in a bistro. He pretended to be rich and got her attention. The two seemed to form a connection and hit it off. They met up with Max and Stephanie, eventually getting them out of jail.

After Melanie agreed to a have a drink with Claude, someone whom Trent owed a gambling debt to, Nick rescued her from nearly being raped by the creep and got shot in the process. Nick was able to convince Melanie to return to the states and start a new life.

After Trent Robbins was murdered in the cemetery, Nick was among the list of suspects. He had a bruised hand, but Nick claimed that he did it during the fiasco in France. Nick soon got a DUI and bemoaned to Maggie how he still had feelings for Chelsea.

It was later revealed that Nick was the one who killed Trent Robbins, Melanie and Max's biological father. He found Trent and Melanie having a heated argument in the cemetery and after Trent threw Melanie down, she hit her head on a gravestone. Nick picked up a knife and stabbed Trent in the back. He found himself addicted to painkillers after he was shot in France, which made him act strangely. Maggie found Nick's painkillers and noticed his bizarre, agitated behavior and recalled how Jessica, Nick's mother, developed a split personality after she became addicted to painkillers.

He became obsessed with Melanie, wanting to make her feel as though she needed him. He made daunting phone calls to Melanie and even sent her a note which said, "I saw you at the cemetery. I know what you did."

After everyone else turned away from Melanie, Nick stood by her and convinced her to move into Maggie's house with him. Soon after Nick threw Melanie a private birthday party, Melanie discovered the same type of stationary at Maggie's house which her stalker used. Melanie confronted Nick, and he confessed that he was the one terrorizing her, insisting that he cared about her and wanted to protect her. He convinced her that she was the one who killed Trent and falsely recounted how he saw her struggle with the knife, then she stabbed Trent hard in the back.

Nick was able to convince Melanie to leave town and they ended up at the airport motel. Nick insisted that they should get married so they wouldn't have to tesify against one another.

Melanie became uncomfortable with his increasingly aggressive behavior, not wanting to let her out of his sight. After Nick stabbed some ice with an ice pick, Melanie flashed back to the night of Trent's murder and realized that Nick was the one who killed Trent. She confronted Nick, who insisted that everything he did was for their future.

A struggle ensued on the balcony and Nick accidentally let go of Melanie once Bo Brady kicked the door in. Melanie was hanging on for dear life over the balcony, but Philip and Bo were able to pull Melanie up to safety. Hope arrested Nick for the murder of Trent Robbins and he was hauled off to jail.

Nick signed over the rights of his alternative fuel project to Melanie. During his sentencing, Maggie and Melanie both gave heartfelt testimonies on Nick's behalf. As a result, Nick received a sentencing of two to five years, although with good behavior Nick would be eligible for parole in eighteen months. Nick thanked Melanie for her testimony and asked Max and Chelsea to keep his project out of the wrong hands. He also shared one last emotional good-bye with his first love, Chelsea.