Nicolás Jiménez

Nicolás Antonio Jiménez
Nicolás Antonio Jiménez. Nicolás Antonio Jiménez

I'm a Miami native living back in his hometown after spending the better part of a decade in the Midwest. As the senior editor of Cigar Snob Magazine, I make my living mostly by eating, drinking and smoking with interesting people, and writing about it later.


As Cigar Snob Magazine's senior editor, I have a hand in creating all the editorial content that makes it into the publication. This includes everything from premium cigar release announcements to cigar event coverage to profiles of celebrity smokers. I also work on content that is not at all related to cigars; we've run stories on hunting, pizza, rum, and football, for example.

In the past, I've had jobs creating marketing content for software companies and done democracy promotion work (mainly focused on supporting opposition groups, civil society actors, and independent journalists in Cuba).


 I have a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Nicolás Jiménez

I have years of experience in journalism, many of which have been spent with one of the most respected publications in the premium cigar world. gives me a place to put that experience to work in a new way, so stay tuned and chime in.

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