Nigel Mitchell

Nigel G. Mitchell was born in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to, he's also a writer for the popular sci-fi blog, The Geek Twins. His work has been featured regularly in Slashfilm, Blastr, io9, and Screenrant. His short stories have been published in Lost Worlds, 365 Tomorrows, and Black Hole Magazine. His latest novel is "Time Junkie." He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and three children.


I've been a Star Trek fan since I began watching reruns of the original series in the 1970's. I've followed the new series from The Next Generation all the way to Enterprise. Now the new movie series is bringing in a whole new generation of fans, and I want to help them love Star Trek as much as I do.


 Bachelor's in English from Arizona State University

Nigel Mitchell

 Live long and prosper

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