French Indefinite Expression: N'importe

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The French indefinite expression n'importe, which literally means "no matter," can be followed by an interrogative adjective, adverb, or pronoun in order to designate an unspecified person, thing, or characteristic. If you don't know what interrogative adjectives, adverbs, and/or pronouns are, be sure to study those lessons before continuing with this one (just click the link in each heading).

Use With Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative pronouns can function as subjects, direct objects, or indirect objects.

  • n'importe qui
  • N'importe qui peut le faire.
    Anyone can do it.
  • Tu peux inviter n'importe qui.
    You can invite anyone.
  • Ne viens pas avec n'importe qui.
    Don't come with just anyone.
  • n'importe quoi
  • N'importe quoi m'aiderait.
    Anything would help me.
  • Il lira n'importe quoi.
    He'll read anything.
  • J'écris sur n'importe quoi.
    I write on anything.
  • n'importe lequel
    any (one)
  • - Quel livre veux-tu ? - N'importe lequel.
    - Which book do you want? - Any one / Any of them.
  • - Aimes-tu les films ? - Oui, j'aime n'importe lesquels.
    - Do you like movies? - Yes, I like any at all.

Use With Interrogative Adjectives

Use n'importe with interrogative adjectives in front of a noun to indicate a non-specific choice.

  • n'importe quel
  • J'aimerais n'importe quel livre.
    I'd like any book.
  • N'importe quelle décision sera...
    Any decision will be...

Use With Interrogative Adverbs

When used with interrogative adverbs, these indicate that the how, when, or where of something is unspecified.

  • n'importe comment
    (in) any way
  • Fais-le n'importe comment.
    Do it any way. (Just do it!)
  • n'importe quand
  • Ecrivez-nous n'importe quand.
    Write to us anytime.
  • n'importe où
  • Nous irons n'importe où.
    We'll go wherever / anywhere.
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