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Nita Sports Tights, Socks, Boot Covers, and Leg Warmers for Figure Skaters
Nita Sports Tights, Socks, Boot Covers, and Leg Warmers for Figure Skaters. (Nita Sports, Inc.)

Nita Sports, Inc. especially prides itself on their high-quality figure skating tights and figure skating socks that last longer than other brands of tights and socks. The company's tights are not only durable but are comfortable and elegant. The company's other items, such as boot covers and leg warmers, add variety to a figure skater's wardrobe. ​


Three kinds of tights are available from Nita Sports:

  • Footed tights
  • Footless tights
  • Over the boot tights

Boot Covers

Skate boot covers are available in bright yellow, green, pink, or blue.

Leg Warmers

These are available in yellow, pink, green, and blue. Some skaters might enjoy mixing and matching Nita Sports' colorful boot covers with their leg warmers.

Review:  Nita Sports Figure Skating Tights

Figure skating tights are one of the most important parts of a skater's wardrobe. Nita Sports, Inc. understands how important good figure skating tights are and through study and research, may have manufactured the very best figure skating tights available.

The company makes footed, footless, and over-the-boot tights of the highest quality and design. The spandex material used in the tights gives skaters energy and fits snugly. In addition, there is a bit of shimmer in the tights, so skaters will look elegant in the Nita Sports' product.

Nita Sports' tights are durable and will last longer than some other brands of tights.

Rarely do they run or snag and can be washed over and over again. Skaters who wear the product like the no-roll waistband that is wide which does not cut into a figure skater's waist.

In addition to manufacturing tights, the Nita Sports company makes very comfortable figure skating socks and colorful and unique boot covers and leg warmers.

Nita Sports products will definitely be a welcome addition to a figure skating wardrobe.


  • No roll wide waist band
  • Compression design gives skaters more energy
  • Footed tights have comfortable wide rounded toe sections
  • Lasts long through many washes
  • Feels silky and smooth
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Designed to move with a skater
  • Available in footed, over-the-boot, and footless designs


  • The cost of Nita Sports, Inc.'s products may be a bit high for some figure skaters' budgets.


  • Innovative design for long lasting wash and wear cycles
  • Tights have wide waist band that does not roll
  • Smooth and snug-fitting tights
  • Tights give added support to skater's body
  • Coolmax® Gusset for breathability
  • Silky smooth feel
  • Shimmer adds a glamorous look to a skater's legs
  • Designed for movement and comfort
  • Durable opaque design provides warmth
  • Tagless label
  • No run microfiber and spandex material
  • Material can be worn year round
  • Built-in compression material for stamina
  • Footed tights are designed in a rounded way for added comfort with no overhang
  • Over-the-boots tights include simple and easy to use snap on and snap off buckles
  • Made in the USA

The Bottom Line

5 Stars! *****

It has been said by some figure skaters that Nita Sports, Inc.

tights may be the most comfortable and durable tights that have ever been made. The tights not only last long, but are of the highest quality.

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