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Nora Roberts releases several new romance novels every year, making her one of the most prolific authors of our time. From series to individual stories, she has published more than 200 novels in total—some sweet, some suspenseful, and some fantasy.

Roberts has hit the New York Times Best Seller list regularly. Thanks to her dedicated fans and the fact that she was an early pioneer in communicating with them online, it is rare that a new release does not hit that esteemed book list. In fact, since her first appearance in 1998, every Nora Roberts book has made it.

To keep up with her prolific output—and to give her more freedom with genre—publishers suggested Roberts write under a pseudonym. This was the birth of J.D. Robb, to whom the "In Death" series is attributed. Those titles are included in this master list of Nora Roberts books.

A Career Beginning

Roberts started writing during a blizzard in 1979. It forced her two sons to stay home from school, and she was going stir-crazy. Though her writing may have started as a creative escape, it quickly turned into a long and lasting career.

If you're looking for her earliest work, she published six titles within the first two years of her debut. This volume for a new author is astounding in itself, and it was just a prelude to the amount of work she would produce in the coming decades.

1983: The Legacy Begins

In 1983, Roberts began a legacy of publishing many books each year—that would set the pace for her entire career. A tip for this year of her work: If you're going to read "Reflections," be sure to follow up with "Dance of Dreams" as those two stories are connected.

  • "From This Day"
  • "Her Mother's Keeper"
  • "Reflections"
  • "Dance of Dreams"
  • "Once More With Feeling"
  • "Untamed"
  • "Tonight and Always"
  • "This Magic Moment"

1984: A Prolific Year

1984 was an interesting year for Roberts—it was one of her most prolific years but was comprised entirely of single books. She would not debut her first series until 1985.

  • "Endings and Beginnings"
  • "Storm Warning"
  • "Sullivan's Woman"
  • "Rules of the Game"
  • "Less of a Stranger"
  • "A Matter of Choice"
  • "The Law Is a Lady"
  • "First Impressions"
  • "Opposites Attract"
  • "Promise Me Tomorrow"

1985: Meet "The MacGregors"

In 1985, Roberts debuted one of her most successful series: "The MacGregors." It includes 10 novels total, starting with "Playing the Odds" and ending with 1999's "The Perfect Neighbor." The characters have been featured in other novels throughout the years as well.

  • "Playing the Odds" ("The MacGregors")
  • "Tempting Fate" ("The MacGregors")
  • "All the Possibilities" ("The MacGregors")
  • "One Man's Art" ("The MacGregors")
  • "Partners"
  • "The Right Path"
  • "Boundary Lines"
  • "Summer Desserts" 
  • "Night Moves"
  • "Dual Image"

1986: A Good Year for Follow-Up Novels

If you read "Summer Desserts," then you have to follow it with 1986's "Lessons Learned" to get the rest of the story. Also, "Second Nature" and "One Summer" should be read in succession. 

  • "The Art of Deception"
  • "Affaire Royale" ("Cordina's Royal Family")
  • "Second Nature"
  • "One Summer"
  • "Treasures Lost, Treasures Found"
  • "Risky Business"
  • "Lessons Learned"
  • "A Will and a Way"
  • "Home for Christmas"

1987: Meet "Cordina's Royal Family"

In 1986, Roberts introduced us to the "Cordina's Royal Family" series with the release of "Affaire Royale." Two books in that series followed the next year, though the fourth would not be released until 2002.

If you happen to pick up "Sacred Sins," you'll want to read 1988's "Brazen Virtue" as well, as the two are connected.

  • "For Now Forever" ("The MacGregors")
  • "Mind Over Matter"
  • "Command Performance" ("Cordina's Royal Family")
  • "The Playboy Prince" ("Cordina's Royal Family")
  • "Hot Ice"
  • "Temptation"
  • "Sacred Sins" 

1988: The Year of the Irish

Roberts must have had Ireland on the mind because in 1988, she turned her debut novel into a series that would be known as "Irish Hearts." (You'll also find these volumes under the title "Irish Legacy Trilogy.") It includes "Irish Thoroughbred" (1981), "Irish Rose" (1988), and "Irish Rebel" (2000).

The author also spent part of the year introducing us to "The O'Hurleys." After these three novels, you can find them again in 1990's "Without a Trace."

  • "Local Hero"
  • "Irish Rose" ("Irish Hearts")
  • "Brazen Virtue"
  • "The Last Honest Woman" ("The O'Hurleys")
  • "Dance to the Piper" ("The O'Hurleys")
  • "Skin Deep" ("The O'Hurleys")
  • "Rebellion" ("The MacGregors")
  • "Name of the Game"
  • "Sweet Revenge"

1989: A Trio to Delight Fans

Roberts spent the first few months of 1989 publishing three connected novels. Thus, the first three in the list below are meant to be read in order. At the end of the year she started another story, so when you're done with "Time Was," read 1990's "Times Change."

  • "Loving Jack"
  • "Best Laid Plans"
  • "Lawless"
  • "Impulse"
  • "Gabriel's Angel"
  • "The Welcoming"
  • "Time Was"

1990: Meet "The Stanislaskis"

Compared to other years, it doesn't look as if 1990 was particularly productive for Roberts. However, in March she introduced us to "The Stanislaskis." This six-book series would continue regularly through 2001.

  • "Times Change"
  • "Taming Natasha" ("The Stanislaskis")
  • "Public Secrets"
  • "Without a Trace"  ("The O'Hurleys")
  • "In From the Cold" ("The MacGregors")

1991: Meet "The Calhoun Women"

Four of the five books in "The Calhoun Women" series were released in 1991. Anxious fans had to wait until 1996 for the fifth novel, "Megan's Mate," but today you can fly right through them. You'll also find some of the Calhoun women featured in other novels, especially those published in 1998.

  • "Night Shift" ("Night Tales")
  • "Night Shadows" ("Night Tales")
  • "Courting Catherine" ("The Calhoun Women")
  • "A Man for Amanda" ("The Calhoun Women")
  • "For the Love of Lilah" ("The Calhoun Women")
  • "Suzanna's Surrender" ("The Calhoun Women")
  • "Genuine Lies"
  • "Luring a Lady" ("The Stanislaskis")

1992: The Year of the Donovans

1992 saw the introduction of the "Donovan Legacy" series. Three of the four books of the series were published this year, with the series closing out in 1999. Many Roberts fans consider this series a must-read.

  • "Carnal Innocence"
  • "Captivated" ("Donovan Legacy")
  • "Entranced" ("Donovan Legacy")
  • "Charmed" ("Donovan Legacy")
  • "Divine Evil"
  • "Unfinished Business"
  • "Honest Illusions"

1993: Just 3 New Books

1993 was a bit slow for Roberts' usual standards, but she did continue two of her popular series. "The Stanislaskis" series was added to with "Falling for Rachel," and the "Night Tales" collection was extended with "Nightshade."

  • "Falling for Rachel" ("The Stanislaskis")
  • "Nightshade" ("Night Tales")
  • "Private Scandals"

1994: The Debut of "Born In"

"Born in Fire" was the first release in the "Born In" trilogy—it's sometimes called the "Irish Born" trilogy. After this first book, be sure to catch "Born in Ice" (1995) and "Born in Shame" (1996) to complete the trio.

  • "Night Smoke" ("Night Tales")
  • "Convincing Alex" ("The Stanislaskis")
  • "Birds, Bees and Babies/The Best Mistake" (Mother's Day anthology)
  • "Silhouette Christmas/All I Want for Christmas" (Christmas anthology)
  • "Hidden Riches"
  • "Born in Fire" ("Born In")

1995: J.D. Robb Makes their First Appearance

This was the year Roberts began writing detective romances under the pen name J.D. Robb. She chose the "J" and "D" from her sons' first initials and took "Robb" from "Roberts." Ever busy, she also began "The MacKade Brothers" series.

  • "Born in Ice" ("Born In")
  • "The Return of Rafe MacKade" ("The MacKade Brothers")
  • "The Pride of Jared MacKade" ("The MacKade Brothers")
  • "True Betrayals"
  • "Naked in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 1)
  • "Glory in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 2)

1996: Roberts' 100th Book

A milestone year, 1996 saw Roberts publish her 100th book as well as celebrate the decade mark of her writing career. "Montana Sky" was the only book written this year that was not part of a series.

  • "Megan's Mate" ("The Calhoun Women")
  • "The Heart of Devin MacKade" ("The MacKade Brothers")
  • "The Fall of Shane MacKade" ("The MacKade Brothers")
  • "Born in Shame" ("Born In")
  • "Daring to Dream" ("Dream")
  • "Montana Sky"
  • "Immortal in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 3)
  • "Rapture in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 4)

1997: Romance Writers Award

In 1997, Roberts was awarded the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award. In reality—as you can see from the rest of the list—she was just getting started.

  • "The MacGregor Brides" ("The MacGregors")
  • "Hidden Star" ("Stars of Mithra")
  • "Captive Star" ("Stars of Mithra")
  • "Waiting for Nick" ("The Stanislaskis")
  • "Holding the Dream" ("Dream")
  • "Finding the Dream" ("Dream")
  • "Sanctuary"
  • "Ceremony in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 5)
  • "Vengeance in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 6)

1998: The Best-seller Streak Begins

Roberts' success on the best-seller lists began with "Rising Tides." It was her first novel to be an immediate No. 1, a streak would seem endless as years go by.

  • "Serena and Caine" ("The MacGregors")
  • "The MacGregor Grooms" ("The MacGregors")
  • "The Winning Hand" ("The MacGregors")
  • "Rising Tides" ("Chesapeake Bay Saga")
  • "Sea Swept" ("Chesapeake Bay Saga")
  • "Lilah and Suzanna" ("The Calhoun Women")
  • "Catherine and Amanda" ("The Calhoun Women")
  • "Once Upon a Castle"
  • "Homeport"
  • "Secret Star" ("Stars of Mithra")
  • "The Reef"
  • "Holiday in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 7)
  • "Midnight in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 7.5 [short story])

1999: Meet the "Gallaghers of Ardmore"

For the second year in a row, Roberts was on a roll. She published a number of books and introduced readers to the "Gallaghers of Ardmore" in the process. This trilogy would wrap up in 2000.

  • "Inner Harbor" ("Chesapeake Bay Saga")
  • "The Perfect Neighbor" ("The MacGregors")
  • "The MacGregors: Daniel & Ian" ("The MacGregors")
  • "The MacGregors: Alan & Grant" ("The MacGregors")
  • "Jewels of the Sun" ("Gallaghers of Ardmore")
  • "Enchanted" ("Donovan Legacy")
  • "Once Upon a Star"
  • "River's End"
  • "Conspiracy in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 8)
  • "Loyalty in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 9)

2000: The Finales for Popular Series

Some fan favorites continued—and completed—in 2000. This included the finales for "Night Tales," "Gallaghers of Ardmore," and "Irish Hearts." 2000 also saw the first of three books in the "Three Sisters Island" series.

  • "The Stanislaski Brothers: Convincing Alex/Luring a Lady" ("The Stanislaskis")
  • "Night Shield" ("Night Tales")
  • "Tears of the Moon" ("Gallaghers of Ardmore")
  • "Heart of the Sea" ("Gallaghers of Ardmore")
  • "Irish Rebel"  ("Irish Hearts")
  • "Carolina Moon"
  • "Dance Upon the Air" ("Three Sisters Island")
  • "Witness in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 10)
  • "Judgment in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 11)

2001: A Hardcover Best-seller

In November of 2001, Roberts officially moved from best-selling paperbacks to the top of the hardcover list. The book "Midnight Bayou" was her first to go right to No. 1 in this edition.

  • "Considering Kate" ("The Stanislaskis")
  • "Once Upon a Rose"
  • "Heaven and Earth" ("Three Sisters Island")
  • "The Villa"
  • "Midnight Bayou"
  • "Chesapeake Blue" ("Chesapeake Bay Saga")
  • "Betrayal in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 12)
  • "Interlude in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 12.5 [novella])
  • "Seduction in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 13)

2002: Cordina's Finale

In 2002, we saw the final novel in the "Cordina's Royal Family" series, as well as other memorable single books. The year also marked the release of "Summer Pleasure," a two-in-one reissue of the popular "Second Nature" and "One Summer" novels from 1986.

  • "Once Upon a Dream"
  • "Summer Pleasures"
  • "Face the Fire" ("Three Sisters Island")
  • "Cordina's Crown Jewel" ("Cordina's Royal Family")
  • "Three Fates"
  • "Reunion in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 14)
  • "Purity in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 15)

2003: "The Key" Trilogy Begins

"The Key" trilogy made its debut on November 2003. This was a series that fans didn't have to wait for—the second and third volumes followed monthly, ending with "Key of Valor" the next January. Because of this publication schedule, all three books in the series held spots on the best-seller list simultaneously, a rare—and impressive—occurrence.

  • "Key of Knowledge" ("The Key")
  • "Key of Light" ("The Key")
  • "Nora Roberts Companion"
  • "Once Upon a Midnight"
  • "Remember When"
  • "Birthright"
  • "Portrait in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 16)
  • "Imitation in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 17)

2004: "In the Garden" Trilogy Debuts

While 2004 saw the completion of "The Key Trilogy," it also marked the release of "Blue Dahlia," first in a trilogy called "In the Garden."

  • "Blue Dahlia" ("In the Garden")
  • "Northern Lights"
  • "Key of Valor" ("The Key")
  • "A Little Fate"
  • "Divided in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 18)
  • "Visions in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 19)

2005: Five Fine Novels

Roberts finished up the "In the Garden" trilogy in 2005 and also published the popular "Blue Smoke." The year additionally saw her continue the dual release of her "In Death" series under the J.D. Robb pseudonym, hitting her 20th book in the collection.

  • "Black Rose" ("In the Garden")
  • "Red Lily" ("In the Garden")
  • "Blue Smoke"
  • "Survivor in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 20)
  • "Origin in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 21)

2006: "Angel's Fall" Wins

In 2006, Roberts' novel "Angels Fall" won the Quill Award for Book of the Year. The year is also significant because it saw all three novels of the immensely popular "The Circle" trilogy released in rapid succession.

  • "Bump in the Night"
  • "Angels Fall"
  • "Morrigan's Cross" ("The Circle")
  • "Dance of the Gods" ("The Circle")
  • "Valley of Silence" ("The Circle")
  • "Memory in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 22)
  • "Born in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 23)

2007: Roberts on Lifetime

Four of Roberts' novels were adapted into TV movies by Lifetime Television in 2007, and more would follow in subsequent years. The year also saw the start of a new trilogy called "Sign of Seven." In celebratory news, Roberts was named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time during this year.

  • "High Noon"
  • "Dead of Night Anthology"
  • "Blood Brothers" ("Sign of Seven")
  • "Innocent in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 24)
  • "Creation in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 25)

2008: An Award in Her Name

The Romance Writers of America renamed their Lifetime Achievement Award after Nora Roberts in 2008.

  • "The Hollow" ("Sign of Seven")
  • "The Pagan Stone" ("Sign of Seven")
  • "Tribute"
  • "Suite 606" (four short stories, written by J.D. Robb and three friends)
  • "Strangers In Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 26)
  • "Salvation In Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 27)

2009: 400 Million Copies Sold

In 2009, Roberts and her books reached a milestone: According to a report from September of that year, there were more than 400 million copies of her books in print. Included in this count was a new series, "The Bride Quartet."

  • "Vision in White" ("The Bride Quartet")
  • "Bed of Roses" ("The Bride Quartet")
  • "Black Hills"
  • "Promises in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 28)
  • "Kindred in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 29)
  • "The Lost" (four short stories, written by J.D. Robb and three friends)

2010: "The Bride Quartet" Wraps Up

The last two novels in "The Bride Quartet" series were released in 2010.

  • "Savor the Moment" ("The Bride Quartet")
  • "Happy Ever After" ("The Bride Quartet")
  • "The Search"
  • "The Other Side Anthology"
  • "Fantasy in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 30)
  • "Indulgence in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 31)

2011: The Beginnings of "The Inn Boonsboro"

It was in 2011 that Roberts debuted her instantly popular "The Inn Boonsboro" trilogy. The first book, "The Next Always," spent weeks at the top of the paperback best-seller lists.

  • "Chasing Fire"
  • "The Unquiet"
  • "The Next Always" ("The Inn Boonsboro")
  • "Treachery in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 32)
  • "New York to Dallas" (Robb, "In Death" No. 33)

2012: Roberts' 200th Book

In 2012, Roberts released her 200th novel, "The Witness."

  • "The Witness"
  • "The Last Boyfriend" ("The Inn Boonsboro")
  • "The Perfect Hope" ("The Inn Boonsboro")
  • "Celebrity in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 34)
  • "Delusion in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 35)

2013: Introducing the "Cousins O'Dwyer"

The "Cousins O'Dwyer" trilogy quickly became a hit after the release of the first book, "Dark Witch." Each of the three novels went straight to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list.

  • "Whiskey Beach"
  • "Mirror, Mirror" (five short stories, written by J.D. Robb and four friends)
  • "Dark Witch" ("The Cousins O'Dwyer")
  • "Calculated in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 36)
  • "Thankless in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 37)

2014: The "Cousins" Finale

Having started the year before, the "Cousins O'Dwyer" trilogy was completed in 2014.

  • "Shadow Spell" ("The Cousins O'Dwyer")
  • "Blood Magick" ("The Cousins O'Dwyer")
  • "The Collector"
  • "Concealed in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 38)
  • "Festive in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 39)

2015: The 40th "In Death" Book

It all began in 1995, and 20 years later, J.D. Robb published her 40th "In Death" book. Running at two novels per year, fans began to rely on the releases as something they could expect from Roberts. The year also saw the introduction of a new trilogy, "The Guardians."

  • "The Liar"
  • "Down the Rabbit Hole"
  • "Stars of Fortune" ("The Guardians")
  • "Obsession in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 40)
  • "Devotion in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 41)

2016: "The Guardians" Trilogy Concludes

Fantasy abounds in Roberts' "Guardians" trilogy. The series was finished in just over a year, and 2016 saw the series wrap up with what many consider two of the author's most imaginative works.

  • "The Obsession"
  • "Bay of Sighs" ("The Guardians")
  • "Island of Glass" ("The Guardians")
  • "Brotherhood in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 42)
  • "Apprentice in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 43)

2017: 222 Books and Counting

With the 2017 release of "Come Sundown," Nora Roberts' list of books hit 222. This is an astonishing library to come from a single author and one of the reasons The New Yorker has called her "America's favorite author." She also started a new series, "Chronicles of The One."

  • "Year One" ("Chronicles of The One")
  • "Come Sundown"
  • "Echoes in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 44)
  • "Secrets in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 45)

2018: 500 million

"The Chronicles of The One" series begun in 2017 was followed in late 2018, as well as two more "In Death" books. At this point, there have been 500 million of Nora Roberts' books in print.

  • "Shelter in Place"
  • "Of Blood and Bone" (“Chronicles of the One”)
  • "Dark in Death" (Robb, “In Death” No. 46)
  • "Leverage in Death" (Robb, “In Death” No. 47)

2019: "In Death" Continues

The "In Death" series continues strong in 2019. We also see the next installment of the "Chronicles of The One" series, "The Rise of the Magicks."

  • "Under Currents"
  • "The Rise of the Magicks" ("Chronicles of The One")
  • "Connections in Death (Robb, "In Death" No. 48)
  • "Vendetta in Death" (Robb, "In Death" No. 49)
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