North American Pronunciation CD Rom/Book

Correct pronunciation can make all the difference when living in an English speaking country. This is especially true in the USA where the vast majority of citizens are not used to anything but standard US English. These books and cassettes will help you develop standard American pronunciation.

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American Accent Training

"American Accent Training" by Ann Cook provides a self-study course that is sure to improve any advanced level student's pronunciation. This course includes a course book and five audio CDs. The book includes all the exercises, quiz material and reference material that are found on the audio CDs. The course's focus on connected speech make it a truly authentic​​​​

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Pronounce It Perfectly in English

"Pronounce It Perfectly in English" by Jean Yates is a book and cassette program focusing on fluency in spoken English. Upper-Intermediate to advanced level learners will find this package most useful as a certain amount of familiarity with the basic sounds of the language is required.

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American English Pronunciation Program

"American English Pronunciation Program" by Barbara Raifsnider is designed for English speakers who have very strong accents. It focuses on the principle sounds in spoken American English and is therefore best suitable to beginning to intermediate level students who need to make basic improvements in their pronunciation skills.

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Clear Speech from the Start

"Clear Speech" by Judy Gilbert is best suited to teachers who can expand on the important pronunciation factors presented in this book including: stress, intonation, timing, rhythm, syllable-length, and patterning. This books is not particularly adapted for self-study.

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